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  1. $85 total including shipping by media mail within lower 48 US states. hard cover, international edition, 2003. This book is one of the best reference for civil-water resources and environ PE exam. email me if interested: jimhan27 at gmail dot com
  2. Anyone has a spare CPESC exam review guide book to sell? email me: jimhan27 at gmail dot com
  3. pinkpig


    Finally I took it early this month and I passed. Now I am a CFM. BTW, This CFM seems not very well-known(that means not valueable) in the industry, only popular in FEMA and local gov. Even Corps of Engineers does not buy it a lot. Thank you guys.
  4. not sure what's wrong with pink, I am scared a lot.
  5. ATM Pressure (ft H2O)=33.9*exp[-0.0104*H/(273+T)],where, H=Altitude in feet, T temperature in 0C. This equation will give you exact enough results for different T and H values, although I doubt you will ever need this equation in the exam.
  6. NCEES has a list about what is covered in each section.
  7. The federal client you worked for must have given you a hard time. LOL.
  8. simple answer to first question: yes. more: by saying yes, you are assuming at t=0, Q=100 is pure baseflow and peak runoff you are talking about is actually precipitation excess after baseflow/interception/infiltration,.... unity hydro is equal to (total hydro)/(precipitation in inches), where both hydro here mean precipitation excess, or pure storm water runoff after loss. There is another concept of dimensionless unit hydro,make sure you are not confused by these two.
  9. Congr to all new PE of the pelican state. -PE of AZ
  10. I got $1500 bonus and 4%+4% pay increase as well as reimbuersement of my exam reg. fee-around $300 for passing my PE. In fact one 4% is for passing my PE and the other 4% is merit based. I had thought it was too little but reading thru the posts it seems not that bad. To be frank, civil is one of the underpaid professions, no wonder less and less high school students go study civil and environmental.
  11. used book, $130, free shipping to lower 48 US states. email: zhao27 at
  12. I used excel, assume a H(a reasonable value, say 180, I will always try a value below 213.9),then get Q1,Q2, based on the calculated Q1 and Q2,you get a new H from the third equation, compare this calcualted H with your assumed H, repeat above. it is time consuming I know.
  13. assume potential head+pressure head at D is H for C->D, you have 241.4-H=K1*Q1^1.852 for A->D, similarly, 213.9-H=K2*Q2^1.852 and D->B, H-120=K3*(Q1+Q2)^1.852 where, K=4.73*L/(C^1.852*D^4.865) three unknowns and three eqs, sovle by trial and error: Q1=42.68cfs,Q2=19.02cfs,H=146.27ft in B, Q1+Q2=A*C*SQRT(R*S) where A=2*3.14*R^2 and R=r/2 finally, r=2*R=1.8ft
  14. pinkpig

    wall certificate

    Arizona's sucks too, not a very professional certificate, though it is for professional engineer
  15. thank you. that's good-I only need care about PDHs for another state where I will get my PE thru comity then.
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