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  1. Thanks for the mention, @UKEE. Congrats again! Enjoy the great feeling while it lasts, it is well deserved.
  2. Happy to have you enrolled in our April 2020 PE exam semester @SparkyBill
  3. Happy to have you in our April 2020 PE exam semester, @SparkyBill
  4. Do NOT buy the NESC Handbook by McGraw (the fist book quoted above). This is NOT the codebook, and does not contain the code. Be careful. It is a supplemental book only. The actual code book is published by IEEE.
  5. Here is the detailed list of changes to the Electrical Power PE exam specification changes made by NCEES® in 2018 if anyone is looking for it. Related to this is the detailed list of changes to the NCEES® official Electrical PE Practice Exam that was updated in 2018 as well. Since these are the only real two official documents pertaining to the Electrical Power exam by the makers of the test (NCEES®), it is helpful to gain some insight into the exam, even though the exam itself is known for being unpredictable.
  6. Best insurance there is. Calculators are about $20 on amazon and can be delivered to your door in a few days with prime.
  7. Glad you found our practice exam useful for the exam
  8. It does. In my experience, those that walk out VERY confident are the ones most surprised when they find out they did not pass. It's a tough exam and NCEES is very skilled at giving answer choices based on all of the wrong ways of solving the problem.
  9. It was hard to watch so many people put their life on hold to pour hundreds of hours into studying fall apart at the seams. From what I've seen, it doesn't matter how much you study, there will always be questions out of left field that shocks just about everyone. The approach that has held up well over time is the same ole adage of triaging the exam in multiple passes then attacking those problems with everything you got during the last bit of the exam with your references.
  10. I agree! From where I sit, the changes to the electrical power specifications in 2018 played a BIG part in why the overall mood on EB during the "welcome to the suck" period for the Oct 2018 exam was brutal, at least for the electrical power examines (not sure if any other disciplines had their specs updated as well). Most felt that the April 2018 PE exam was overkill and extremely tough due to the new specs and filled with lots of surprises. Most also thought that NCEES went over board on difficulty and assumed that they would loosen up for October 2018. Surprise! The overall impression on the October 2018 was that it was just as if not more so tough with heavy hitting qualitative surprises that left people walking out of the exam room shook. Because of this there were a lot people that failed the April 2018 exam that were nervously hanging around EB while waiting to see if they finally passed the Oct 2018 exam while filled with doubt the entire time, combined with all of the first time takers of the Oct 2018 exam feeding off the anxiety of the April 2018 repeat takers. It felt like every poster that was waiting on results was extremely anxious, nervous, and impulsive with zero patience. They bit at every bit of bait the trolls fed them. It was an interesting time.
  11. Absolutely, it is definitely one of my favorite books. It is listed in the top 5 of our recommended references.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed our material.
  13. So far it seems that the feedback from this exam is similar to the feedback from every exam prior to it: very difficult to really anticipate what exactly will appear on the exam, a lot of curveball questions, and ultimately what I typically call the shock factor. Just a reminder, no one ever leaves the exam room feeling confident, and the exam is graded based off some type of cut score, so please keep your head up and enjoy your free time off to relax and pick back up on your social life, family life, and career. Best of luck to everyone that took the exam, it is not an easy tasks and I know the vast majority of you put in a serious effort and time commitment.
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