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  1. Always happy to hear when people are enjoying our review material.
  2. Is it possible that the asterisk is meant to just be multiplication and the load is purely resistive (I.e. no need to multiply by power factor)? Or is it possible that the book accidentally put the conjugate in front of the I by mistake? It would be helpful to see the full problem and solution.
  3. Hi @Eng-Moe, review courses are talked about a lot on the forums, especially in the results threads after each PE exam. The search function would be a great way to find what others have already discussed. Here are a few threads I found by typing in "review course" and "pass" into the search bar:
  4. Hi @RadioBox, thanks for the mention. Congrats again on the passing the PE exam, I'm glad you both enjoyed and found our online program helpful in passing!
  5. Glad you are enjoying our online program so far, @Bruh! Don't be afraid to reach out to me directly if you need help or have questions. My email address is listed on our main website if you don't already have it and I am always more than happy to help.
  6. I agree. The amount of time it takes to cover all of the subject matter thoroughly enough to pass is often underestimated. There are always outliers of people that pass with only a month or so of study but that's always the exception. Just like you said, no short cuts.
  7. Thanks for the mention @Eduardo L, glad you passed the exam with the help of our online program!
  8. Congrats again and thank you for being part of our online program!
  9. I'm happy to say that we sure have. There is now a custom print button at the top of each of our articles that will optimize it for printing to fit nicely in your binder for your notes and exam references. It also lets you change the size of the text and all images if you want to make it smaller to save paper. Feel free to give it a try on the following article and let me know if you have any issues. It's our most popular article with the largest number of comments on the per unit system. Look for the button that says "Click here to print this article for your exam references!". Electrical PE Review - Per Unit Example: Tips, Tricks, and What to Watch Out for on the Electrical PE Exam
  10. Thanks for the mention @pgf001! I'm glad our online program helped you pass the pe exam.
  11. If you have any questions feel free to email me directly. You can find my email address on our main website at I also suggest reviewing some of the free articles on the main site, there is a large amount of high-quality content that is useful for the exam.
  12. Thanks for the mention everyone, glad you enjoyed our program!
  13. Thanks for the mention @Phenomenon083, @Stephen2awesome, @samsab! Glad to hear you enjoyed our online program at and that it helped you pass the exam.
  14. Congrats @Phenomenon083 and thanks for the mention!
  15. Thanks for the mention @Messi! Glad to hear you passed the PE exam and enjoyed our online program. All the best!
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