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  1. I took the exam in October 2018 and did not pass. I felt this exam was about the same in level of difficulty. It felt like there were slightly more code problems this cycle. I studied a ton this time around felt very confident going in to the exam. I felt like the morning session went very well. I was able to finish about 30 minutes or so early and was feeling good about all but three questions. Went in to the lunch break feeling cautiously optimistic. The afternoon was tough in my opinion. Code problems returned with a vengeance. There were also a lot of confusing qualitative problems and a couple that I was completely unprepared for. Not to mention the duplicate problem that temporarily derailed me towards the end and cost me several minutes that I could have used checking my answers on other problems. I felt less than certain on at least 10-15 problems in the afternoon. I do take some small comfort in the fact that I was able to narrow to at least two possible choices in each case. I feel a lot less confident about the exam after the afternoon session. I really do not know what to expect, but I fear the worst. I know from experience how trap answers can instill false confidence. I just hope I did not fall for as many this time.
  2. The duplicate question in the afternoon was bizarre. I bet I checked the wording in that problem 5 times looking for differences. I narrowed it down to two different choices so I either got that one right twice or wrong twice.
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