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  1. its different for all tests if you need a ballpark, past threads from other cycles discuss this ad nauseam it's a number definitely above 56/80
  2. you know the results will be out once the site goes nuclear and there is 50 hot threads posted all within 3 seconds of each other
  3. can't wait for NCEES to come out with a PE in spamming the test will be 8 hours of non-stop toilet posting, fitbits ARE allowed only to monitor your heart rates before eventual heart attack pass rate is 56000/80000 posts
  4. such convoluted ways you guys took, I just called NCEES hotline and asked they said it was 80 (as in you must have 80 correct)
  5. I'm out-of-state in nyc that recently passed the April 2017 exam. I was a straggler and finally sent out my application 7/13 and I just got my license # today! I wouldn't take my case as a typical example though, 6-8 weeks is the normal timeframe. Fingerprint examiners held up the process in nyc so I had a few extra weeks to wait. @CAPLS was a great help during this period so reach out if you feel you need assistance.
  6. Apothe


    Still waiting on license # I sent my application package by fedex that arrived at their office july 13th. Have been refreshing the license lookup daily ever since. How long does it usually take to receive the license?
  7. You and me both, I'm glad I passed but I kicked myself around for not adequately preparing for nesc questions. People in forum kept saying its going to be solvable by the index, so I printed one from amazon preview, so much help that was. Glad I had the NEC because that helped me out. Then again, I didn't see it wise to invest 100-200$ in a textbook that'll only help me in 2-3 problems.
  8. Apothe


    Hurray I passed! Congrats to all that passed as well:) so glad I don't have to stress about taking to again
  9. Apothe

    PE passers by age.

    I'm 25 and I passed! You can add first time taker to add to your statistic sheet too
  10. glad I'm not in alabama! then again with a 68/80 being passing it's probably the safest state in terms of potential for engineering disasters
  11. Apothe

    CA Results

    I'm not gonna get any work done at this rate I'll be fired before I find out lol
  12. I bet results will be out june 12th
  13. Apothe

    CA Results

    that would be a cool license number to have!
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