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  1. The envelope from Castle arrived in Albany today - I PASSED!! First time Civil with Transportation in the afternoon. This feels great!
  2. Congrats to those that passed! Not to drag the conversation down - but would it be reasonable to assume that if a name isn't on the web by the today then it didn't make the cut?
  3. Too late - I think I check it at least every 15 minutes. Each time I hit search my heart jumps!!!! Part of me knows I need to just resign myself to waiting, but then there is the neurotic part that keeps hitting refresh.
  4. I do - she took it in Schenectady. Its as weird situation though - her original application was for her maiden name ( letter C) and she submitted a name change to her married name (Letter S). So its anyones guess which name group she was part of.
  5. My name starts with a G - and I haven't seen my name up yet.
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