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  3. From the December 2016 PE Newsletter: http://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/Licensure-Exchange_December-2016.pdf The Committee on Examination Audit conducts regular audits of the NCEES exam program. This year, it will review administrations of the following PE exams: Electrical and Computer, Fire Protection, Mining and Mineral Processing, and Naval Architecture and Marine. It will also audit standardsetting studies for the PE Mechanical exam and the PE Mining and Mineral Processing exam. Let's try to have 1 or 2 serious answers along the spamming?
  4. yayyy I created the first spam thread for this year!
  5. Looking at the Oct 2015 thread for pass results, seems like around 42 more days until the first states got results in? Ohhhh the suspense!
  6. Anyone take the electronics one yesterday? Thoughts?
  7. Good luck to all! See you on the other side....in 8-10 weeks
  8. Yes - I'll be at the NRG taking it! And awesome, thanks!
  9. Also - I heard a myth that the board makes the tests "harder" or "easier" based on the previous administration pass scores, is this true?
  10. Good tips from all! I am also taking this thing the first time and taking off work Wednesday and Thursday. I have gone through the 2001 NCEES, 2011 NCEES, Kaplan test, Kaiser morning test, twice, and the PPI sample test once(which did not match the difficulty of any of the other ones). Plan on going through all references on Wednesday and Thursday and do some last minute tabbing. Anyone know any good sections that come up alot on the electrical and electronics PE from the NEC handbook? And how about economics? How much room do we get on test day?
  11. 6 more days! Is everyone ready to get this over with? Stressed? How do you guys feel? I'm taking the electrical and electronics exam and have been studying for a while now, and some days I feel like I'm going to do well and some days I feel like I'm not ready! Anyone else have the feeling? Good luck to all!
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