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  1. Congrats! Did you leave the 4th problem blank on both?
  2. TX is out. Passed lateral second try. Done with the Tests!!
  3. I know. I swore I was going crazy in the test thinking of that... spent a good 15 minute trying to come up with something to fill the pages. All I could think of was that I will be doing this again.
  4. I took both Vertical and Lateral together on same cycle and failed both. Took vertical only this cycle and passed. The reduction in stress that I felt was one of the factor that I feel pushed me over the line. Obviously everyone studies at different level but waking up that Saturday after the vertical test was one of the most horrible moments in my life.
  5. crammer


    CJ stands for composite joist. It can definitely take much more load than the regular K series.
  6. I second that. Just checked TBPE score website. I passed 83%
  7. Same here, I am breaking the F5 button today.
  8. Its $1100 for lateral but I believe they ship the materials to you before the class starts so no need to print.
  9. crammer

    PPI Course

    Oh ok, better to be enrolled in the live lectures then.
  10. crammer

    PPI Course

    What is the difference in the PPI 's live online and On-demand courses? If I choose the On-demand course do I still get to view the live lectures or is it only available after the live lecture ends? I understand the On-demand course is only for 90 days so I need time my start date as to get to the exam date? Thanks,
  11. I understand your side of the story. If I were to go back, I would give myself the advise to take both the courses that way I would have had more practice in the vertical exam and have the notes for the lateral exam as well. Do let us know if things change in a few weeks time and you offer the lateral only course.
  12. I would have taken PPI course but sadly they do not offer Lateral only course. I have already taken Vertical exam and I wanted to take the Lateral class since I do not have a very good working experience with lateral. EET course looks good and they offer Vertical and Lateral separately so I think I will just take that. I have skimmed through other topics in the forum and found that PPI was the most suggested course. Anyone know of any other courses?
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