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  1. CA state exam application status for April 2018

    See the line I made bold from your response...No offense, but you don't sound like a person who has sat for a PE, SE, FE, etc. and/or are commenting on the ability of an engineer when it's not clear you are actively a practicing engineer. What engineer does not have to study for these exams? What engineer has the scholastic knowledge necessary to pass these exams IN the given time constraints without study and practice? Not many...These exams, while I believe are necessary, have very little to do with the day to day design and responsibilities of most engineers as civil engineering is very broad! You simply sound ignorant. Point blank. And you are correct in that the application is to obtain licensure...That's what it should be for...not to be able to sit for an exam. My ability to sit at a computer chair should have nothing to do with the application. That is why a lot of states have decoupled the application for PE licensure from registering for the PE exam. It's a more efficient process and promotes licensure of engineers. You sound agitated and probably hear a lot of complaints. Maybe you and CA board should sit back and reflect on why so many engineers have questions about the process. Address the inefficiency in the system and I'm sure this particular thread would serve very little purpose.
  2. CA state exam application status for April 2018

    CA licensing process is not very efficient especially for people out of state. They should decouple the state specific exams from licensing application and make it a true year round continuous test. It would make this process ten times smoother and allow people to study without the added stress of getting an application approved.
  3. Correllation between GPA and pass rate?

    The only way it correlates is that with a good GPA there is a better chance you retained some of the information from courses that may be useful on the exam. Beyond that I don't think there is a correlation. There are many masters students and PHD candidates who don't pass the PE exam. The exam is so broad that you really need to prepare. That doesn't necessarily mean long study hours, just have to be knowledgeable about what's potentially on the exam and have a good test taking strategy.
  4. Application - potential reference etiquette

    I agree with ptatohed, it's up to you to corral your references and if you provided adequate notice (few weeks) or told them of the tight deadline if you didn't give adequate notice then they should understand a phone call from you. It's better to seem a bit pushy (which you won't anyways) then to miss the deadline
  5. Structural Spans

    A few factors would come into play to determine the best system e.g. intended loading, any dynamic loading (if so a stiffer system should be utilized), etc. it's hard to base a building material off a span as they can all span 20' efficiently for most part.
  6. Does your employment references on the CA application need to match your NCEES record references? I am applying for the state specific CA tests to get a CA license through comity. In the instructions on the application it states the following on the engagement summary page: This makes no sense to me since why would your references need to match each engagement i.e. I have 5 references from one employer and none from another, but have both employments listed for engagement verification only. Any clarification would be helpful, thanks
  7. Aisc manual- do I really need it?

    NO the AISC manual is not needed in morning, but find a way to download shear moment diagram tables as that will help visualize concepts and loading questions that may be asked in the morning.
  8. x2...FE exam is not too bad especially given that it's CBT and you can "control+F" the workbook that goes along with the test.
  9. I wanted to start this thread to help foreign engineers with advice in applying for PE exam and career advice as far as process for obtaining proper documentation to be able to work within US. Below are a series of links and videos that I have come across that should help. If anyone has additional information or personal experiences PLEASE SHARE in this thread. I'd like to try and compile as much info in this thread as possible, thanks! NCEES International Engineering Info - http://ncees.org/engineering/engineering-licensure/international-engineering/ NCEES Credential Evaluation - http://ncees.org/records/ncees-credentials-evaluations/ Dave Clements Personal Story (great info) - https://www.davidclements.me/2013/03/06/my-long-road-to-becoming-a-licensed-professional-engineer/ Institute of Civil Engineers Advice - https://www.ice.org.uk/about-ice/near-you/north-america/usa/working-in-the-usa
  10. How I Passed April 2017 Civil/Str Exam

    Great post!
  11. Mechanical background taking civil structural

    1) I'd tab your EET notes in relation to the NCEES study guide topics. It will help reduce unnecessary tabs maybe. PPI offers an online problem solving for 30 day or 60 day access that was useful for me for the morning breadth. 2) I put about a month into the afternoon structural portion, not including practice exam time. Averaged about an hour or two a day (45 hrs in total probably). This is very person specific though and I'd advise taking the afternoon practice exam now to see how much of the topics you are unfamiliar with. If you take the afternoon practice exam from NCESS or PPI I wouldn't focus on # correct, but rather how many times did you have a viable solution path. That tells you more if you are familiar with topics than if you got problem correct. You can work out small kinks if you got a problem wrong but was "close". 3) This is dangerous and take any advice with a grain of salt lol, but rely on the problem estimates from NCEES. It's usually very close to actual. If a topic only had 1 estimated problem on exam I didn't focus too hard on it. Take a look at this video about the PE exam afterthoughts and structural afternoon portion. It might help some:
  12. North Carolina Qualifying Experience

    I was granted a NC PE license and I worked for 1.5 years under a roofing contractor and no PE's on staff. It was considered general construction experience which relates directly to engineering experience. I believe only two years needs to be under supervision of a PE and even then the board grants exceptions e.g. military applicants, working in an exempt field where supervisors don't have PE license, etc. Submit your experience and see what they say.

    Same here PE me if anyone willing to sell course notes that are not needed anymore

    NC results out, back to studying for me. Unacceptable both parts. Splitting up the exams this time around. Vertical in fall, lateral next Spring.
  15. Results out this week

    yea looks like a wash for today, but results should be here in due time Im sure. I'd rather them take their time and get the results right