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  1. StandardPractice

    PE Structural Practice Exam Questions

    as other have stated you put steel where tension strength is needed in concrete, since concrete is relatively week in tension.
  2. StandardPractice

    CA state exam application status for April 2018

    lol I'm sure your application package was opened same day check was cashed! Boards don't delay processing funds haha, but will delay the rest of the process
  3. StandardPractice

    California PE Questions

    Yup that's how it happened. If there is a barrier for 1st PE applicants, I would advise OP to get licensed in his home state then apply for comity to CA and take other two state specific exams. Will have to pay a record transfer fee, but will save on flight, hotel, gas, etc.
  4. StandardPractice

    OSHA CFR 29 1910 and 1926 - 2016

    For OSHA remember it's only a few sections out of the handbook. Don't print the whole couple hundred pages. I took about 40-50 pages to the exam and the index.
  5. StandardPractice

    California PE Questions

    You don't need to physically take PE exam in CA to be licensed in CA as PE. I live in NC and was just licensed. Never step foot in CA besides for vacation. And I took all three (PE, Seismic, and Survey) right here in good ol' NC for the civil engineering PE.
  6. StandardPractice

    CA PE Reciprocity for NCEES SE Exam

    You have to become a California PE before becoming an SE (I believe the 3 year exp requirement can be applied retroactively) so the seismic and surveying exams are required. As far as I know unless you can get an exemption for your PE license out of state, you must pass the PE exam before taking the seismic and surveying exam. Best bet is to email the board. Only they have the answer
  7. StandardPractice

    July Results are in; I passed Seismic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats! I second EET. I didn't use their review book but used their practice exams and they were great
  8. StandardPractice

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    You were only about 4-6 multiple choice questions away. Your afternoon was good enough to pass. You're close keep pushing!
  9. StandardPractice

    Survey practice problems recommendations

    5 STEPS to Pass CA Seismic and Survey Exams | CA State Civil Exams PPI offers a reference manual and practice exam booklet that is pretty good. I recently used it and passed first go round
  10. StandardPractice

    October 2018 Civil Structural PE Exam

    Free study notes and design guides in video description
  11. StandardPractice

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    x2. I've said this many times. We as structural engineers are not compensated at the level of liability and continuing examination associated with our profession compared to other professions.
  12. StandardPractice

    CA state exam application status for April 2018

    Oh I read it, it just was making points that I didn't bring up nor needed to be proven lol No comprende... I am already a licensed engineer. I am just commenting on the utter chaos the CA engineer board creates with their unorthodox application procedures compared to other states and the ever changing updates they make to their requirements. Side note: Talking SE states that I like...I'll take Illinois' application process anyday over other states...especially CA's!!
  13. StandardPractice

    CA state exam application status for April 2018

    you try too hard and completely made up a non-existent argument lmao. My quirk is with the state specific exams and you went off on a useless tangent about PE exam pass rates, etc. What does a pass rate have to do with decoupling the state specific exams? Nothing gray beard. Correlation is not causation. Maybe is CA board hired "qualified" employees they would have an efficient application process.