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  1. You're not a complete unicorn. I have my CISSP-ISSEP, and I'm sitting for my Control Systems PE in October. (My fellow cyber guys think I'm nuts for being an Engineer, and my fellow robotics engineers think that I'm paranoid about cyber... they're both right.) Valiant_Mouse CISSP-ISSEP, EIT, CEH
  2. An IT guy who lists all his certifications is either making fun of himself and his industry or has a major inferiority complex. I think I fall into the first category.... back on topic, the PMP is an academic cert, and while the PMBOK has a lot of good best practices, it by no means gives a project manager a lick of common sense, or guarantees that you'll be at quality, under budget and completed early. The PMP looks good on a resume, and the skills that are introduced in studying for it are useful to getting your work done, if implemented with a bit of common sense.
  3. Some letters are more valuable than others... I'm trying to get "P.E." behind my name, in front of the CISSP-ISSEP, PMP, C|EH, SFPC, PSP, VCA, ITILv3, Security+, A+ Ok, so we IT guys like our extra letters...
  4. I'm an EIT with a Systems Engineering degree and a decade of Navy IT and Comms experience, mostly in project management and cyber security. I'm debating whether to go for the Control Systems or the Computer Engineering PE, since my training and experience falls within those areas.
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