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  1. Peeks PE


    Ahh I just noticed mine has the same typo! Too bad we won't be able to keep them for posterity.
  2. I didn't necessarily keep notes on my experience; I just kind of put it together when I was applying. I think the biggest key is to make sure that all the work you are doing is under a licensed PE. If you aren't working under a PE then pretty much all of your experience is worthless. As far as Civil PE's being references for Environmental PE exam I don't think it would be a big deal, but you should definitely call your state board and ask them. Better to find out now than a year or two down the line. Edit: Also something to note about Civil PE's referencing for Env. PE. If you use your experience for the Env PE and decide later that you want to take the Civil PE as well, you can't use the same experience for two different disciplines.
  3. I passed all three exams in this last cycle thanks to EET seismic and breadth/depth. Not only does Ahmed have a really great grasp of the test, but he also teaches them well. He used to help write the exam as well, so he's well versed in the exam procedure.
  4. Congrats everyone! I ordered my stamp today, it made me feel simultaneously awesome and dread! I've still got a ton to learn, but so happy this part of our careers is behind us. Everyone who is still trying, keep at it and you can do it. You won't regret spending the extra hours studying.
  5. Peeks PE


    Mine is the exact same. I didn't notice until you said that though. I wonder what the reason is? Anyway, congrats!!! WE DID IT!!!!
  6. Was anybody in attendance? Did they mention anything about the April 17 exam? Did they mention new PE licenses at all?
  7. I took EET breadth/depth and seismic, but not survey. Their other classes were amazing so I imagine the survey class is great as well. I firmly believe that a survey class isn't needed though. It really is just geometry and understanding equipment. I bought Mansour's book, reviewed it for around 10 hours and passed the test first time. I recommend buying the book Defenitions of Surveying and Associated Terms which will help during the test with any conceptual questions you don't know the answer to. Aside from that, all you really need to know are vertical/horizontal curves and leveling. Granted I do work in Land Development so I am exposed to surveying on a somewhat regular basis.
  8. There is only one fact that matters. Study as much as you need to. You will never regret spending extra hours needed to pass the exam, but you most definitely will regret NOT studying more if you fail.
  9. That's Dr. Ibrahim to you! Haha, just kidding. In all seriousness, I completely agree with this post. Dr. Ibrahim's class and book are excellent. I had absolutely no structural background besides one or two classes in college. I was Civil/Environmental in school, so all of the classes that would have been structural were environmental instead. I was able to learn everything I needed to know for the exam and I felt super confident going into the test as well as leaving the test. EET seismic does require a bit more preparation than other classes like Heiner's, but it is well worth it. You will never regret spending the extra hours after you have passed the exam, but you definitely will regret not spending more time if you fail.
  10. Chances are that if he didn't have a PE at his previous employer, there was no work submitted to agencies to be plan checked (which would require a stamp). If you were a sub for a project you might be able to contact the general and hope you can find some sort of PE down that rabbit hole. Otherwise, I would just submit the experience and explain it away.
  11. CA, land development design. Federal job is his #1 problem most likely. I am 3.5 years in and hoping to break 6 figures with my freshly passed PE. We will find out tomorrow though.
  12. Peeks PE


    Not who you were asking, but I did received notice that they had received my form.
  13. My boss is getting back from vacation today and we will be discussing my raise this morning. I am hoping to finally break the 6 figures. Crosses fingers.
  14. By the time the test comes around, you should have done so many problems that you can tell what type of problem it is by just scanning the question and seeing what is given. This is even more true in seismic than it is survey, but the same principle applies. On top of that, I find that even when you're doing other the easy problems your brain is thinking about the hard ones in the back of your head that you've already read and marked. Once I get back to the harder or longer problems, I've had time to passively think about them while I was doing the easier problems. I know it sounds weird, but your brain is a really great computer that can process things in the background. You don't need to use the strategy, but it works really well for lots of people so give it a shot in a practice test or something and see how you do.
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