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  1. Was thinking more along the lines of.. if the project we worked on together didn't require any code/regulatory knowledge for example, then they would most likely not check that box? even though that reference has adequate knowledge of my experience. And by them not checking that one box, would that mean that my application would be questioned or rejected somehow.. Any additional advice would be helpful! Thanks
  2. Hi, I had a question on section 2 (Part B) of the reference/engagement form. I know that I don't see the references' responses for this section, but I was just curious to see how much them not checking every single box affects your chances of getting your application received and approved by the CA board? Ex. checking everything but code/regulatory knowledge, etc. Thanks!
  3. Yep. 100% agree.. and the PM section had some sections that seemed a bit out of left field. Not sure if I was the only one that felt that way
  4. Saw a post for the HVAC section and figured I'd throw this out there.. For the people that took the TFS exam, how'd everyone feel about it? Personally felt about 80% confident about the AM section, but the PM section crushed my spirits a bit. It's the day after and I'm still thinking about the questions I had no clue how to do or that tripped me up/weren't very straight forward.
  5. Do the links work for other people? Can't seem to access. Taking TFS in Oct and trying to get a sense of how people felt about the exam
  6. My car got broken into last night and the jerks decided to steal my backpack that had all my PE books and cheat sheets/references I've made. Anyone have any 2001, 2008 or 2011 NCEES TFS Sample Exams that they're willing to sell? I'm planning to take the exam in Oct so timing is a bit crappy at the moment, but I'm hoping the nice folks at EB are willing to help an aspiring-PEs out You can message me here or email me at
  7. Do you still have the NCEES Sample questions and solutions, 2008 edition?
  8. HI, Is the NCEES Mechanical PE Exam - Thermal and Fluid Systems still availible?
  9. bernie

    NCEES PE MECH 2001

    Hey. Is item 4 still available?
  10. Still have the NCEES 2011 Practice Test -Thermal Fluids - $25 + $3 shipping?
  11. Do you still have: NCEES Thermal and Fluids Systems Practice Exam - $25 and what edition it? (2001, 2011, or 2016?) Thanks, Bernie
  12. Could I got a copy as well? Email is Thanks!
  13. bernie

    MERM appendix

    Could I get a copy of the appendix as well? My email is Thanks!
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