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  1. I've done my best (still a work in progress) to compile the tips and resources I've found while studying for the test as well as tips from readers and other websites. You can find them at Take a look and if there is something I can add please let me know! Thanks.
  2. While studying for my own PE exam, I decided to make a site to gather the best tips I could find. I also provide resources recommended by readers for various exam disciplines. Check it out at If there's a tip you'd like me to add just let me know. I'm working on providing more resources and tips, thanks!
  3. HI, Electrical Engineer new to this board. I'm a Michigan EIT (Passed the FE) currently studying for the PE exam (potentially taking the test in April 2017). I came across this board while looking for study tips to pass the PE Exam. It seems most of the advice out there is for the Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Power PE Exam. I'm planning on taking the Electrical and Electronics PE Exam as that applies to my work and interests more. I've also noticed there aren't many websites devoted to PE study tips; so I've decided to create a website where I can combine all of the best information I find into one place ( This is also my first attempt at creating a website (always been curious) so I'd appreciate both you're best PE test taking/preparation tips as well as constructive criticism for my site.
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