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  1. Here are the materials which i used to prepare for the PE and the FE exams The price is negotiable for any one that is willing to work for the exam please note dont buy merm 14th edition just a waste money stick with the 13th edition inbox your price
  2. I have passed the PE exam the results came out today if anyone is interested in the study material please let me know i am selling it here are the materials which i used to pass the exam
  3. well daisy you will have total of 8 hours plus one hour of break ( in-total you will have9 hours) first half i had 43 questions which took me 3hrs.20 to finish and remaining time for review second half was the remaining questions which was more practical question similar to ncees pratice questions( 3 hours) ( i took 30 mins lunch) yes i had access to the table of contents ( but you dont need the table of contents just know the keywords and search them) personal experience ( you have to know the manual by memory) water hammer Reynolds number fluid dynamics
  4. Last Saturday i took the PE TFS exam yes you have to wear the mask for the entire duration of the exam 1. Overall difficulty level? Nominal but it requires a great amount of preparation 2. Question outside the NCEES reference manual? Yes knowledge based 3. Best practice problem book to be used for CBT based on the difficulty level? Study MERM however the problems are very similar to the ncees pratice exam format type 4. When did you get the test results? yes passed result came in 2 days IF you have any questions please let me know Thank you in advance and GOOD LUCK to all test takers.
  5. thank you for everyone for your valuable feedbacks i took the pe thermal exam on Saturday overall difficultly is nominal Exam passed result in 2days
  6. did anyone attempt the TFS CBT exam? if so can you please share your experience
  7. is this the cut score?
  8. oh Friday-13th for Texas !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. can someone update the map???
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