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  1. Books for PE preparation on sale

    Yes I still have ASHRAE, and few other books.
  2. October 2016 Pass rates

    Congrats! By the way what is your IQ?
  3. October 2016 FIre Protection Exam

    Who can provide you reference when you file your application? Can you get references from mechanical or does it need to be from fire protection engineers?
  4. Books for PE preparation on sale

    Add ASHRAE Refregeration 2006 to above list for $25. Thanks
  5. FE mechanical book for sale

    If anyone is interested in buying 2nd edition of FE/EIT Review by M Saad, please let me know. Price is $50.
  6. I have following available for sale if anyone is interested: 1. MERM 13 th edition ( entire book is tabbed with chapter numbers, and will come with separately tabbed index). Book is pretty new. $250 2. Quick reference guide to go with 13th edition. Few chapters tabbed and highlighted. $80 3. Practice problems to go with 13th edition. $80 4. NCEES sampl exams (2008). I have two copies of these. Each copy is $35. 5. I also have individual copies of NCEES Exams for all three disciplines. Each copy is $35. 6. MERM 10 edition and practice problems corresponding to 11th edition. Price for both is $30. 7. SMS for HVAC $80 8. SMS TFS $80 9. FE/EIT Review mechanical by M Saad 2nd edition $50 10. Many binders and PDF stuff to support HVAC depth. I can provide these for free if you buy 5 or more of above items.
  7. California Results Any news???

    I just did that and you were right as for Sone reason they did not had my finger prints which after 5 minutes hold they were able to find. I should have my license number up by Wednesday

    Dec 14 is the date, so technically NJ beat CA?
  9. California Results Any news???

    I have only received email from NCEES yet and nothing from state. May be they will send one when my license number will be entered into the database. I assume all license numbers are not entered into the system. I think all new license numbers entered yesterday are for southern CA only. I am from Sacramento and did not see any new license numbers for those who passed in 2016 and took their exam in Sacramento area.
  10. California Results Any news???

    What is the number?
  11. California Results Any news???

    I did not see any license # assigned to mechanicals yet?
  12. Guess which state will be the last?

    so this title goes to NJ. Thanks to Chris Christie
  13. California Results Any news???

    Passed: HVAC Mechanical
  14. California Results Any news???

    no update so far on social media, means we should get results today.
  15. California Results Any news???

    At least Justin Stine is now more popular than ever.