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  1. I can't see the diagnostic report. It shows up as a broken link. I passed the A-17 EE Power Exam and I can give you some tips if I could see the diagnostic. Thanks
  2. Opisthenar PE


    Sure. Will send you how i studied after my heart stops beating out of my chest. Geez opening up the NCEES was very nerv wrecking
  3. Opisthenar PE


    Passed!!! EE - Power
  4. Does CA usually release results after a board meeting? The reason why I'm asking is because the latest BPELSG newsletter mentions that in their June 1st meeting in Eureka, there will be an "Update on Spring 2017 Examinations". The meeting agenda can be viewed here --> http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/about_us/meetings/agendas/20170601_agenda.pdf Section VI
  5. I would say CI was worth it. The CI practice exams do have some obscure topics that you might not see on other exams. I remember a question that was very similar to CI that people may not have focused on much, but it was worded differently. Plus there are tons of problems on CI that focuses on the basics, which will really test your understanding. I did the CI (all four volumes) two times. At times, it does get repetitive, but I believe this repetition really gave me 'gimme points' on this years Power PE Exams, meaning I knew exactly how to solve the problem without going to any reference. This saved me a lot of time to answer questions that were very different than what i studied for doing practice exams. I also had the CI NEC problems book that they sell, and it really gave me practice on how to look up random topics in the NEC in a quick manner. There's about 200 NEC problems in the drill book. I did about 100. I'm still not 100% confident I passed, but I believe I do have a good chance.
  6. If you did all of those tests (like I did), I would say you were about 60% covered on the exam. The other 40%, however, while I dealt with in some of my classes and at my work was no where near what I saw on any practice exam - and I did all of them.
  7. After the exam, I really didn't have a feeling if I passed or failed. I didn't feel I bombed the exam, but I didn't feel as if I passed either. I was content on how I did. Overall, I think I studied about 150 hours, mostly doing practice exams. I thought the effort was well spent, even though quite a few problems were things I hadn't seen before doing practice. Some of the problems were common sense, and some problems I just lucked out with the references I brought. I found the morning easier than the afternoon. I used the full 8 hours for the exam and time to go back once to check the answers for the morning and afternoon section.
  8. Thank you! I've read a lot about the 'wait' what I'm planning to do is 'take it, and forget it'. No more studying and if I don't pass, I'll just re-open the books about a month or two from now. I'm actually a lot less nervous for this test than the FE exam, which I took two years ago.
  9. Hello, THis is one topic I can't find much information on. Is having two generators in parallel the same concept as transformers in parallel as far as calculations go? Thank you
  10. Wildi has been very helpful - especially at understanding topics. He does a great job talking about things without getting too much on theory. I haven't used Grainger much in my practice exams. The only times I've used it have been for some transmission line problems that dealt with propagation, etc.
  11. Yes, I've come across the same issue at times with the Tom Henry Index. I'm thinking though it is because I've never used to the NEC for work and I'm a little behidn on practice problems. I'm going to spend most of this weekend doing NEC from CI and the NCEES sample exam.
  12. Hello, It hasn't been referenced much on these boards, but I get it free from work so I thought I'd just take it...in case. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  13. I really like the strategy for re-doing the missed problems on certain exams 1-2 days later to make sure you can solve that problem again. Really reinforces the concepts. For the NEC problems - how is the Tom Henry Keyword Index working for ya? I've used it a couple of times on the CI problems and at times I feel I waste time looking through the Tom Henry Keyword Index first rather than the NEC index or the NEC TOC first. What's usually your strategy?
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