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  1. Anyone ever look into a vibrating alarm watch? I'm debating but I don't want to risk it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I second that notion. I'd trade it out with transportation.
  3. Awesome! It's bittersweet for me thought. I actually can understand and answer the WWT and WT questions. I would give anything to trade it off for Transportation and construction lol Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hi! Could someone verify with me that the Geotechnical Depth and Morning Breadth Civil don't have questions on Water/Wastewater treatment?? I got a hold of a friend's testmaster notes from Oct. 2014 for Geotechnical depth and Water Chemistry, Water Quality, Treatment and WWT were included. She confirmed that it was on her test but according to the latest topic breakdown from NCEES , I don't see Water on there! Is it safe to omit reviewing it?? I'm actually planning on taking the April 2017 test. I took 3 years away from engineering and now that I'm back in the industry, I've decided to get my PE. Keep in mind, I do Business Development so I still don't technically engineer. NCEES Topics for Geo.pdf
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