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  1. thank you got it. another question why don't we consider reducing pressure 1.0 MPa that enters desuperheater ?
  2. Didn't understand how they solved this problem. Can anyone please explain this problem step by step?
  3. *** (T ambient -T surface ) not (T surface-T ambient) ?
  4. Can anyone please explain why (T ambient -T surroundings ) not (T surroundings-T ambient) ? http:// http://
  5. Anyone wants to sell reference book or material for PE TFS exam? Ready to purchase. Email me if you have
  6. Can anyone please explain why Ax*/Ay*=p0,y/p0,x ? Is there any other way to solve this problem?
  7. thank you .I understand now. really appreciate that.
  8. Can anyone help me on this ? I can't get the answer 33%. what did I wrong here? how do you upload pictures
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