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  1. @txtrafficeng @CivilE Can you pls post here if it contain the results? I'm traveling, but will try to get someone check my mail if they sent out the results.
  2. @txtrafficeng that's a long time 😲
  3. @socalengineer I made lots of educated guesses. Funny I was very confused by the phrasing/wording of a bunch of questions (that maybe because of my english). I did not feel sure that I got it, But overall feel I should be very close to passing.
  4. @txtrafficeng @socalengineer When do you get to know your results? I took the test today.
  5. @txtrafficeng @socalengineer Great to know your experience with the exam. Taking it in a few days, this helps...wishing luck to us all
  6. Hi @txtrafficeng @socalengineer I'm scheduled to take it about two weeks from now. How hard is the test? Is time a challenge? I'm reviewing the PTOE refresher course only. It has does not contain many practice problems. You think it will probably be enough?
  7. New licenses are added on DCA website. If you passed this month and all done, check. My # showed up today. Merry christmas everyone!
  8. Guess results are rolling out now. I passed survey on 2nd try. (selling my Reza's survey book on Ebay if interested)
  9. Used for self study and pass CA PE Survey exam. I took notes with pencil. I didn't mark answers of practice problems so you can still test yourself and check out correct answers later. http://ebay.us/5K2YwA
  10. Hi @Lucas H@Pacedboilingcolt@murn@PWest I have been trying to move to the CA for a while now and a manager there asked me how soon I can pass the PTOE because they have position open there that requires it. How many hours did you guys put into it? Also, what materials did you use. If it is closed book does that mean memorizing a lot of stuff? I'd appreciate any tips.
  11. I was approved to retake in Q4. Originally I took the exam in Q2 and failed. How I understand it works is, if you schedule a date to take the test in the last month of a Quarter and fail, you will be too late to get approval to retake in the immediate following quarter..so if possible try to schedule first or second month of the quarter
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