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  1. staringatmonitor

    Anxiously waiting for the PTOE result

    Hi @Lucas H@Pacedboilingcolt@murn@PWest I have been trying to move to the CA for a while now and a manager there asked me how soon I can pass the PTOE because they have position open there that requires it. How many hours did you guys put into it? Also, what materials did you use. If it is closed book does that mean memorizing a lot of stuff? I'd appreciate any tips.
  2. staringatmonitor

    Board Re-exam form approval timeline

    I was approved to retake in Q4. Originally I took the exam in Q2 and failed. How I understand it works is, if you schedule a date to take the test in the last month of a Quarter and fail, you will be too late to get approval to retake in the immediate following quarter..so if possible try to schedule first or second month of the quarter
  3. staringatmonitor

    California Civil Surveying- Two Practice Exams book by PPI - 3rd Ed

    Knocked off a few dollars more
  4. staringatmonitor

    California Civil Surveying- Two Practice Exams book by PPI - 3rd Ed

    Feel free to haggle.
  5. I am not sure but seems the survey Law stuff (eg Subdiv Map Act, PE Act) is gone.
  6. staringatmonitor

    Board Re-exam form approval timeline

    Here is my DP: Jul 12: Received fail email. July 13: Dropped off $150 check. July 19: Delivered (post office tracking). Aug 01: Check cashed. Aug 20: Approved for exam email. Sept 12: Authorization to Test email.
  7. Is there a good reason behind keeping the passing rate so low? I don't get it...The national PE exam is 8 hrs and about 65% of test takers pass. And Surveying exam is something that other states does not even require, so why it is made so 60% has to fail and retake? I don't live in CA but for my company I have collaborated with offices from all over. The engineers from CA I have worked are the brightest in my experience. The makes me think if the same test were a national exam the passing rate would be even lower
  8. staringatmonitor

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    Hello @CAPLS I received the Approved for exam email. My mistake, I mailed in July, not June. I appreciate it
  9. Very good, no marks/writing inside. $65 $55 shipped. Ebay link. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=153173636931&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  10. staringatmonitor

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    Any one submitted a re-exam form in June has heard back from board yet? I don't see my cash checked yet, wondering how long it usually takes..Thanks.
  11. staringatmonitor

    Survey practice problems recommendations

    Anyone used this book by SM Reklaw? Would be great to know how helpful it is.. Civil Surveying Exam Preparation Problems and Solutions (California, Third Edition) -2017 https://www.amazon.com/Surveying-Preparation-Problems-Solutions-California/dp/0692826548
  12. staringatmonitor

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    Nice!! Did you pass on the first try?
  13. staringatmonitor

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    @rockb78 @engineeringforfun I experienced the same feeling about survey test like you. I thought there is unnecessary challenge in it (in contrast I felt the seismic test is designed more reasonable even though the subject was out of my league). I don't get it why there are so many tedious problems seemed to be included just to make test hard allowing you no time to think. After some research I realized survey exam catches a lot of people off-guard the first time and failing is the hard way they find out. I really appreciate the folks who passed and shared some tips/strategies above! Hope I pass next time (and move on).
  14. staringatmonitor

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    Congrats to those who passed. hope you guys celebrate @Underground_Boss @ochakoala @drewdawg199 @Boba123 @rdv128 @APL Which Survey book (reference+practice exams) did you use? I really appreciate it!