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  1. I took the Dr Tom class this past winter and passed the exam this April. My biggest gripe is that his class covers only what is covered on the practice test. Be sure to look through the MREM and whatever other texts you have to cover the full range of material on the exam spec. The practice test was very different in terms of content than the actual test. If I had to do it over again I'd use the exam spec as a good reality check. Mark off things that you review, make sure you look in the MREM for more details on some of the areas the review class doesn't hit.
  2. I have the ASHRAE fundamentals text for sale in the classifieds
  3. According to the person I spoke with they think it will be in the next week...
  4. That would be setting yourself up for failure. Never go to the bargaining table with a threat like that. Even if they give you what you want, you're going to leave everyone involved with a bad taste in their mouth. Next time work slows down, you'll be at the top of the list to let go. Instead, try outlining your current responsibilities, what you bring to the company on a regular basis, and how you think you can help in new ways. What more are you bringing to the table now? What have you been doing over and above your regular responsibilities? If you go to your manager having solved one of their problems, they're more likely to go to bat for you. If you go to them with thinly veiled threats, it'll end badly. FWIW, I'm a ME, 9 years out of school. When I got into MEP right after school, I was making mid-50's. I jumped ship to work in a highly regulated industry after 3 years and started making mid-70s. Now I'm back in MEP and making 100k, with a 10k raise on the table for passing the PE. That being said, I'm bailing on MEP again to go back into industry. MEP is too up and down for me, the benefits suck, the whole environment is too much. Now my PE is more or less worthless, but it was a nice personal goal, and I'm happy I went through with it.
  5. If you do choose to go the HVAC route, doing it without the ASHRAE texts is probably a big mistake.
  6. I'm passing all of it off to a friend who is planning on taking the test soon. He'll get his company to pay me for them, anything he doesn't want is getting sold ASAP.
  7. I did Dr. Tom's class, and it was OK. The one thing I would caution you about it to make sure you review the exam spec, his class does not cover all the material you'll need for the test. Make sure you review things like free body diagrams and basic statics, etc. I took his class and the NCEES 2016 practice test and thought I would be covered, turns out there were quite a few topics on the test that weren't in either of those resources. Made for a harrowing test experience. If I had failed, I don't think I would have taken the class again, but I wouldn't have a problem recommending it to someone looking for a more directed method of studying.
  8. apford

    PE passers by age.

    Passed at 31. FE senior year, 8 years ago?
  9. Mass does the same thing - if you fail more than three times (I think) you need to demonstrate to the board that you've received additional training before they'll let you register for another test.
  10. apford


    Way to go @leggo!
  11. apford

    Thank you

    Way to go @katiejune! I have two little ones, 3 and 5. It was nice to be able to hang out as a family again once the test was over.
  12. apford

    MA is out

    I got the e-mail halfway through lunch, I almost yarfed. Now I can't settle down enough to finish eating.
  13. apford

    MA is out

    BOOM goes the dynamite Never been so happy to see a little green square.
  14. Him and Buckethead are chilling with bigfoot in the mountains of the pacific northwest last I heard
  15. Well, in the slash fic I've been writing....
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