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  1. @gpoli111, thank you for sharing it. I Did not know about this change.
  2. @itismakingme, if you do not mind sharing your experience with the exam, would you be able to recall, how many questions in first section made up your first half( 52 or 55?). Also, how did you order NCEES paper based questions? I could not find on their website to order these. Thanks for your help.
  3. thank you @ptatohed, for your insight and will use PPI from practice stand point of view only. Along with PPI, I am also making use of Scahum's outlines for all the subjects/area those were not my primary focused areas during college.
  4. Thank you @William M. Bailey, E.I.T. for our inputs. I am planning on purchasing the quiz bank from PPI2Pass website, but your feedback now encourages me more to buy it. Thanks.
  5. @matt267 PE, in line with my previous query, would you also happen to have experienced the following two additional practice problem resources from PPi2pass? and are they a reasonable source to use? Thanks again for your insights and time. 1. 1001 Solved Engineering Fundamentals Problems (EFPRB3), 3rd Edition 2. FE Other Disciplines Practice Problems (FEODPP)
  6. Thank you @matt267 PE, This is really helpful to have some feedback about study resource. I will wisely think about buying it now.
  7. Hello, Can somebody share their experience with "FE Other Discipline Quiz Bank" offered be PP2i? I am planning to make use of this resource for practicing tests as well as problems, but before buying it, I thought to ask people in this forum who may have experience using this quiz bank? Is it a good resource? Thanks
  8. Thank you blueknight802, Sure this is a pretty detailed list of resources.
  9. Hi blueknight802, can you share with us, as what resources did you make use of, for practicing problems?
  10. I am making use of following resources for my studies 1. NCEES handbook(downloaded from NCEEES website) 2. FE Other Disciplines Review Manual" by Lindeburg 3 Calculus refresher for the FE exam 4. Schaum's series for some selected subjects ( I am a heat transfer major guy so I am using Scahum's series for all Economics, Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Material, Electricity) 5. Undergrad(bachelors) textbook. (I am using these textbook only for understanding the concept) For practice purpose I am heavily relying on 2nd,3rd and 4th item in above list.
  11. Hi mikey308, I am fellow FE taker (other discipline) and making use of "FE Other Disciplines Review Manual" by Lindeburg. Though this book is bit on higher end as per cost but I am finding it helpful for my studies.
  12. thank you @Audi driver, P.E.. I am utilizing my undergraduate text books too, to brush up/clear any basic concept; as suggested by, @John QPE, @matt267 PE and @blueknight802, I am focusing on solving as much problems as I can get my hands on.
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