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  1. The update page is up folks!
  2. If there's anyway you can get your hands on an IEEE red book, do it! Useful for trivia questions
  3. I used this cart from office depot. It fits a lot! I think I had about a dozen books, 2 calculators, 3 3" binders. Comes with a lid too.
  4. you guys haven't received your license from the Oct 2016 exam yet? that's very slow! I took the exam in VA and already have my stamp, applied for reciprocity in MD and have my license and stamp for MD too!
  5. allgood


    I just took it out of the tube and rolled it out to look at it, then I put it back. Not sure if I'll have it framed.
  6. allgood


    I've only received my license and wallet card, that was around Dec 23rd. Haven't received the certificate but I recall someone at DPOR saying that it will arrive a month after the license. So I think by next week we should have it.
  7. For VA, all I had to do was apply to site for the PE and pay the $60 application fee. I received my license in the mail 2 weeks after I was notified that I had passed the exam (NCEES website). Didn't have to pay anything else.
  8. I don't think this was a very popular book in this forum. I rented this book from Amazon (at the time it was very cheap, like $15) but found it mostly useless. Didn't take it to the exam. The rental price is much higher now.
  9. I didn't find it very useful, but did study symmetrical components from it and a few other topics. Not nearly as useful as Graffeo. I don't recall if I actually referenced Chelapati on the exam.
  10. I'm still waiting on NCEES to review my experience before sending it off to my supervisor. This applies to two of my previous employers. I'm still waiting on a third previous supervisor to respond but he's either ignoring me (linkedin) or he hasn't actually seen my messages. Next step is to call him at his office since I stalked him and found out where he's working now. By the way, the verification form is so simple to fill out. I finally got to see today what it looks like (my first employer send me a screen shot of the form he received). I'll post an update to the NCEES records post with an update.
  11. Wow that's slow! I got my license number issued a week after receiving the "pass" result. I even have a VA stamp too, about a week old already. Now I'm working on NCEES Record since I need to apply for a license in MD, DE, DC and PA. If you need multiple licenses, I suggest you start now with the NCEES records. It's taken me three weeks so far to get the information but I'm still waiting on experience verification. Since I need several states, I think it's cheaper in the long run to go through NCEES and only submit experience references once.
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