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  1. This topic probably has been discuss. What are the pros and cons of SOPE and GA Tech? Thanks!
  2. Pinoy, PE I agree, I failed for the second time. I depended on solutions in the back. Could you go over some specifics? Feel free to email me: Thank you.
  3. MM2: Sorry don't know the cut score. TWJ PE: Thank you, I'll take a look at the package. I am not to tech savvy so here are the results: 1 General Power Engineering: Measurement & Instrumentation 6 3 50 2 General Power Engineering: Special Applications 8 5 63 3 General Power Engineering: Codes & Standards 10 8 80 4 Circuit Analysis: Analysis 9 6 67 5 Circuit Analysis: Devices & Power Electronic Circuits 7 3 43 6 Rotating Machines & Electromagnetic Devices: Rotating Machines 10 6 60 7 Rotating Machines & Electromagnetic Devices:Electromagnetic Devices 6 2 33 8 Transmissions & Distribution: System Analysis 10 9 90 9 Transmissions & Distribution: Power System Performance 6 3 50 10 Transmissions & Distribution: Protection 8 3 38 KEN 3.0 PE: Thank you for the encouraging words. Unfortunately, at this time I don't have the monetary means to afford a course. Maybe it is a stupid question but what does tapatalk mean? Again, thank you all for your wisdom that you have shared.
  4. Hello All: I am a new member. I would love some advise as to how I can tackle this monster (PE). A little background, this is my second attempt at the PE. The first time I took it, due to unforeseen events I was not able to study or get a refund so I showed up with the Camara PE Reference Manual, NCEES Sample Exam, Complex Imaginary Vol 3, Stevenson Power System Analysis, NEC. I failed. This time around I put in 100+ hours of studying, and got a similar score. I don't know where to start, I stare at my diagnostic in shock. 45/80. Thank you.
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