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  1. JJ_structural


    My old (incorrect) wall certificate was delivered back to the Board on Friday July 7th if that help to figure out when to expect yours.
  2. JJ_structural


    FYI, I received both my corrected wall certificate and my plastic wallet card (two separate mailings) at the end of last week.
  3. JJ_structural


    If I remember correctly, if was after the spring 2011 exam cycle. Several of my friends had taken the FE that cycle as juniors in college and received the EIT certificates after their exam results notices.
  4. JJ_structural


    My certificate has the "typo" too ("Civil Engineer Engineering"). I'm guessing they were auto generated and there was a spot where someone was supposed to type "civil" and accidentally typed "civil engineer". I don't know if anyone else noticed, but the letter that accompanied the certificate also in several places refers to my "civil engineer engineer" license. I guess this isn't as bad as the time that PA send out a bunch of EIT certificates by mistake to students that passed the FE but had not graduated yet and then sent them a letter a week later demanding that they return them or face penalty. At least we got the correct certificate.
  5. I've heard of different companies handling it different ways regarding when and how much. Personally, I think that getting your PE license definitely warrants some type of raise and encourage people to have a discussion with their manager about it. Obviously, if you will actually be stamping work in your role then you have a stronger justification to bargain with. If they want you to stamp after getting licensed but are not willing to give you a raise, then that should be a red flag that the company's (or manager's) value system is out of whack. Some companies will give you a raise immediately while some will wait until mid-year or year-end (depending on how they usually adjust compensation). Same with the amount, sometimes a set dollar increase and sometimes a percentage raise. Mine was adjusted at year-end following getting licensed and was about 5% on top of my normal expected raise.
  6. JJ_structural


    Does anyone know when they typically issue license numbers and update the license lookup on the board website? Even though I got the results notices, I go with the "it's not official until you have a number" mindset. This is mainly because I'm a PA guy and I've seen the PA board send out incorrect results and even certificates only to later come back and say "sorry, we done screwed up"
  7. I would recommend calling the boards of some neighboring states to see if they will accept out-of-state PE results for initial licensure. I don't think they put that kind of info on their websites, but some states won't care where you passed it (some might care for no good reason since they would accept the scores if you were a comity applicant), so all you would need to do is apply with that state and send your scores.
  8. Not yet, it looks like they haven't started updating the site yet
  9. I got my second email! Passed both state exams! Congrats to everyone else that passed one or both! Did anyone else not have a Table 2 on their results PDF? Even though they referenced a Table 2?
  10. I know the size of the image will probably make it look like I'm trolling, but it literally wouldn't let me upload anything over 22 kb, did I reach a limit or something on uploading?
  11. Well I would be in the "F's" if they were going ABC. Maybe they sent mine out first because they felt bad that they "lost" my application for 2 months... And I know what you mean, I saw the first email on my computer and about 5 minutes later saw a new email on my phone and rushed to open it only to realized it was the same email...
  12. I'm just amazed that CA, PA, and NJ released on the first day....
  13. I saw that, but in October it looked like it was the same day. Granted, they released them earlier in the day in October.
  14. So should we start doing the math? In October, there were 1,900 candidates that took the seismic or survey exams. Say it takes 10 seconds to send each email (maybe wishful thinking), it should take about.....5.27 hours? Then repeat with the second email? I feel bad for someone at the board....
  15. I'm really hoping the second email doesn't take the full 24 hours to show up that it says it might!!! I guess I'll be staring at my inbox all night....
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