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  1. Thanks but I don't think the MP's at JBLM appreciate ninja photographers.
  2. We currently have two projects under construction in high seismic zones (Tacoma, WA and Columbia, SC). We also add gypcrete to all the floors.
  3. Our company is big on Cross Laminated Timber and I am currently working on mid-rise structures composed of either CLT or CFS. I really like the CLT structures and the 2021 I-Codes will allow a lot more options.
  4. I took a couple of additional references and ended up not using them ( Welding Symbols Charts, Specifications for Structural Joints using High Strength Bolts, etc.) From what I can remember, the "Steel Manual" questions are pretty basic code look up type questions, you just need to know where to look and have the resource (i.e. the actual "Steel Manual"). If there is a welding question, it would probably be a detail of desired weld and you need to you match the corresponding welding symbol (or vica versa). I believe the NCEES Construction Depth Sample Exam has this type of question on it. Note: There should only be one or two total "steel manual questions" on the exam.
  5. We are having a great year for the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. We have already multiple harvests and have brought extras to work. We tried container grown zuchinni, but they keep rotting before the get big enough to harvest. Any other suggestions for container grown vegtables?
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