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  1. I have been using AECdaily since 2010 for my LEED CE Hours (non-specific) and I just recently noticed on the NCEES CPC tracker that the drop down gives AECdaily as an PDH provider option. I noticed that the one of their approved CEU partners is the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. I am not licensed in Florida and the states I am licensed in do not require pre-approval of PDH's (I am assuming Florida does and is why they are listed). Has any used them for their PDH's and/or had any issues? I plan on using them for most of my CEU requirements if I can as I can use one course for multiple certifications/licenses (PE, LEED, CCM, CPC). https://www.aecdaily.com/
  2. ruggercsc

    Tips for taking the PE again

    The issue with the references is the questions you need the reference for tend to be easier "lookup the code type questions" or a "simple formula" type where you just look up the reference and plug into the equation. You need to know where to look, but the Construction depth classes help in identifying these issues and where to look in the reference.
  3. I just finished OSHA 10. I really did not learn anything I already did not know. Our projects are Design-Build , so I guess I am part of the "Engineering Controls" process that tries to eliminate the risks. Just asking again if anyone ever used this for PDH's? Also, what would have happened if Mr. Sex and the City (Ferris) decided to play Theaterwide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare instead of Global Thermonuclear war.
  4. ruggercsc

    Tips for taking the PE again

    Yes and Yes. You need all the reference material. See if you can buy some in the yard sale forum. Yes, I would spring for the EET or School PE Construction Depth class. Buying all the reference material and taking the EET Constuction Depth class are not mutually exclusive. I know it can be expensive, but the other option could be you are a third time test taker.
  5. I have taken a bunch of internal safety training, but I am thinking about getting OSHA 10 and 30 just to make myself more "marketable". Has anyone used this for PDH requirements. Any comments would be appreciated.
  6. ruggercsc

    Having a back-up plan

    We had a Interior Designer in our group that later moved into a marketing Position. She left to become a Physical Therapist and last I heard she became a nurse. Another person in our sustainability group is leaving to become an equine veterinarian. They made/are making the move in their twenties, so, IMHO, it easier early in your career than later, but it is never too late. It may be difficult later in life if you want to a be professional athlete, but some people have played golf on the "Seniors" Tour that were not professional golfers in their 20's, 30's, or 40's. It is never too late if you have the ambition and drive, but you need to be reasonable.
  7. ruggercsc

    How does this make you feel? WeWork

    I am a Pastafarian and need to eat Spaghetti and Meatballs due to my strict religious beliefs. I would file a discrimination suit against them for violating my civil and religious rights.
  8. With outsourcing and matrix organizations, it can be confusing as your direct supervisor my only be an administrator type. At the time I established my NCEES record, I had a peer verify my experience as a supervisor. I think it can be done as long as they know your work. I read somewhere that they can be a "Technical Supervisor" and not necessarily your direct "sold-line" supervisor.
  9. ruggercsc

    NFL 2018

    i just got my Titans season tickets in the mail. They switched to digital tickets this year (a scannable badge).
  10. ruggercsc

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  11. ruggercsc

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  12. ruggercsc

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  13. ruggercsc

    Horse is to stable

  14. ruggercsc

    Supervisor or Chief?

    I like my direct reports to refer to me as "The Grand Poohba"
  15. ruggercsc

    Horse is to stable