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  1. This is for TN and yes, this year it cost me $540. Alternate years were $400.
  2. The Privilege Tax is a fee of $400 that was required to practice in any of the below occupations that required a license. You paid this annual in addition to the biannual $140 renewal fee. The State required this awhile back to balance the budget. The good news is 2019 is the last year PE' s are required to pay the fee. Professional Privilege Tax Overview Professional privilege tax is due June 1 each year for individuals licensed or registered to practice in Tennessee any one of the professions listed in Tenn. Code Ann. §67-4-1702. Fifteen professions have been removed from the tax beginning June 1, 2020. The following professions are required to pay the tax due on June 1, 2019. If you are registered or licensed to practice in more than one of the following professions, you are only required to pay the $400 tax once per year. Accountant Lobbyis Agent (Securities) Optometrist Architect Osteopathic Physician Attorney Pharmacist Audiologist Physician Broker-Dealer Podiatrist Chiropractor Psychologist Dentist Real Estate Principal Broker Engineer Speech Pathologist Investment Adviser Sports Agent Landscape Architect Veterinarian The following professions are required to pay the tax due on June 1, 2020 and thereafter. Attorney Agent (Securities) Broker-Dealer Investment Adviser Lobbyist Osteopathic Physician Physician
  3. See below post. Good news is that is being eliminated in 2020.
  4. Florida Man attacked during selfie with Squirrel.
  5. Florida man wears "F#ck the Police" shirt to court and wins case.
  6. I was at an local NSPE meeting and the subject of supervisor under a PE and PE references came up. The Tennessee State board member who was there stated they they want to get people licensed if you meet the educational and passed the test(s). They want you to get licensed and will work with you. They brought up an example of a someone who worked for a highway contractor who had no people in their firm who were licensed. He got his supervisor and references from the state DOT officials because he was working on State Highway Projects and they got to know what he did for their projects. Do you have a client, subconsultant, owners representative, vendor,etc. that is licensed and that you have a professional relationship with, knows you and your work, and can vouch for you? Can you join a local organization and volunteer (an NSPE committee, Habitat for Humanity, local USGBC group, etc.) and expand your network of potential? Most engineers will vouch for you if they know you and your work and your not a total douchebag.
  7. saw lots of Starbucks. He got really excited when he looked at the menu board and could see that they served
  8. In the construction field, you do not have to have a degree, but it is very helpful and it opens doors: 1. One of my best direct reports has a theology degree. He previously owned a home building company (went broke like most I know), worked as a lumber buyer, worked for a national home builder, and now is helping coordinate CLT designs and construction. He is practical and at times and challenges our head SE, who is very theoretical. 2. We had a Senior Project Engineer who was getting ready to get promoted to a Project Manager and run his own site for a $70M project at 30 years old. He went to college for 6 months and left. He never would have been hired, but his dad worked for us, was a good employee, and helped him get the door opened for him. He started out very entry level position that we rarely hire for and worked his way up before being recruited away to another firm. His dad got the door opened for him, but he took advantage of the opportunity and ran with it. He probably would not have been hired if his Dad was not an employee. 3. We had a cost planner/estimator who had three years of college as an architect, but left before he got his degree. I worked with him at two different companies and he was very good at what he did. He got let go during the Great Recession and head a difficult time getting employment because most jobs he wanted required a college degree. It took him years to find a job that paid him what he was making when he was let go (changed jobs at least 6 times), but is doing well now. A college degree does not guarantee success, but it opens doors that you would not have if you did not have one.
  9. I have a lot of tomato's that will need to be harvested soon. Earliest Harvest yet.
  10. When I took my exam, I had a 10 total questions I had to guess on (did not know or ran out of time) and I tried to even my distribution of answers. It was not a perfect distribution, but close to it. I passed, but have no idea if that was due to "correct guessing".
  11. Tennessee and Kentucky added. I included a note for the $400 annual privilege tax which is being eliminated in 2020. I just paid mine for 2019. Note: When did the Capital of Tennessee move to Memphis? I was not aware of this.
  12. I read that NCEES distributes the exam answers to an equal distribution of A's, B's, C's, and D's so there is no advantage in guessing all A's for example. Have no idea if this is actual correct though.
  13. Today's the day. Any Predictions on how it ends?
  14. Do they have naked women walking the streets taking the walk of shame? Kidding aside, I think it would be great place to visit along with locale of the Dornish Capital, which I believe is in Spain.
  15. At least Peter Jackson closed out Tolkien's series without loose ends(and the dead guys were the good guys and the dragon was always a bad guy). Since Doug and Mr. Peet are directing the finale, hopefully it will go out on a high note. They say the series ending will be bittersweet, but to date it has been pretty bitter.
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