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  1. ruggercsc

    2019 Engineer Boards Salary Survey

    Is the structural engineer respondent from San Francisco eligible for food stamps? The average rent would eat up almost all of their take home pay. The Bay Area has a lot going for it, but I can't see how anyone can afford to live there.
  2. ruggercsc

    Horse is to stable

  3. ruggercsc

    Horse is to stable

  4. ruggercsc

    Horse is to stable

  5. ruggercsc

    Online PDH Courses

    I go to AECdaily for free pdh's and ceu's for some of my license and different certifications requirements. https://www.aecdaily.com/
  6. I loved the book trilogy. The show, "not so much". I am already disappointed.
  7. https://www.nspe.org/sites/default/files/resources/pdfs/admin/publications/NSPE-When-Can-I-Take-the-PE-Exam.pdf According to this, there are 15 states where the PE Exam is decoupled from the Progressive experience Requirement.
  8. This topic has been discussed a lot here. Check out this link:
  9. ruggercsc

    Have you ever been "carded?"

    We hire subconsutants for our Design Build Projects in multiple locations throught the US. Our RFP's and Scopes of Work always have statements that a license to practice in the jurisdiction is required. We don't actually find out until we get the stamped drawings though.
  10. ruggercsc

    Anyone go to Greenbuild this year.

    I really liked the opening and closing plenaries and thought some of the education sessions were great. The sessions on the floor taught by manufacturer's were worthless, but most of the classroom style sessions kept were beneficial. It is in Atlanta next year, which is a only a 4 to 5 hour drive for me (without traffic), but I am caught up on my LEED CEU's so I am not sure I will go. Greenbuild is a worthwhile event if you ever get a chance to attend and congratulations on your award.
  11. ruggercsc

    Linked Words Game

    Door frame
  12. ruggercsc

    Linked Words Game

    Time Trap (Note: I recommend this movie)
  13. ruggercsc

    Qualifying experience

    This topic comes up frequently for those individuals working in the construction industry. You do not necessarily have to have to have true "Design experience", but may have made some design modification suggestions during a constructibility review, RFI submittal, etc. NCEES added the construction section for licensure awhile back for those individuals in the construction industry. Please review the link below for some ideas on how to write your qualifying experience.
  14. Just asking of anyone went to Greenbuild this year. I had not been since 2011 and am not one that likes to drink the USGBC Kool-Aid (Did you know that Grape Flavor-Aid was actually used in the Jonestown, not Kool-Aid), but I did enjoy some of the education sessions this year. Anyone else attend and have any comments?
  15. ruggercsc

    Construction Application-Work Experience Section

    This topic is discussed is quite frequently since a lot of those applying for the construction exam have little or no actual design experience. Please review the Construction Exam section and the Anything about the PE Exam section as this topic has been discussed in detail. There are some fallacies about applying to site for exam that seem to permeate in a lot of circles: 1. While actual design experience is important, it is not a requirement to sit for the exam. Please review the Progressive Experience Requirements as it details what the actual requirements are to sit for the exam. 2. Working "directly" under a Professional Engineer is a rather loose term and not necessarily a prerequisite. I recently asked someone who sites on the Architectural and Engineers Examiners Board in Tennessee this exact question. He stated that he helped a recent applicant find a PE with the State Highway Department sign off on his experience. He stated the key is that the PE signing off on their work is familiar with the applicant and their skills and has a relationship with the applicant (Direct Supervisor, Project Team member, Consultants, Supplier, client, Contractor, Regulator, etc.). The example he brought up was someone worked for a highway contractor had no PE"s in their company but wanted to get licensed. A PE from the State Highway Department signed off on their experience (He was a regulator or "client",was familiar with their work, and had a relationship with them). Searching around this website on some of subforum listed above should help. Good Luck and let us know if you have any other questions.