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  1. Bad advice to previous poster

    Eat something else. (Organic, Gluten-Free, and yummy by picking your nose and enjoying it.) It is a nice day, should I sneak out of work early?
  2. Bad advice to previous poster

    No, Just tell your wife you are and join a swingers club instead. Let your wife know after you are invited for your first "swap meet". My wife asked my if her jeans still fit? What should I tell her.
  3. While I respect your opinion, in my situation the review course was well worth my investment. As an older test taker (I was 50 when I took the exam), I had simply not been exposed to some material in over 25 years. It came back after taking the review course and working numerous problems. The review course focuses on material most likely to be on the exam. IMHO, the CERM problems are a lot more difficult than the exam questions on the particular exam I took and the depth section I took. The review course provides a very organized set of notes that you become familiar with while going through the course work. The review course provides sample problems that are similar to questions you will see on the exam. The review course narrows down the code sections of the recommended references and focuses your studying to what you will most likely see on the exam. For me the exam covered the following: Material I had never been exposed to. Material I had not seen since I graduated. Material I had used previously in my career, but had not used in awhile. Material I use daily and was very familiar with. The review course definitely helped with the 1. and 2. above. If anything, the review course helped narrow down the material most likely to be on the exam. While it may be a waste fo money to some, it definitely helps others.
  4. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    I have started watching "Mindhunter" and I find it well done (also a big fan of the 70's music that is playing during the episodes).
  5. Lyric battle!

    Is this real life? Is this a fantasy? Caught in a Landslide, No escape from Reality.
  6. Horse is to stable

  7. LinkedIn Protips

    I finally and reluctantly signed up for LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago at the advice of our In-house recruiter (we have a couple positions open). I did not list my internships since it was 29, 30, and 31 years ago. In protest, I am only accepting people in my network and not requesting to be in anyone's network. I am going to show "them", whoever "them" is.
  8. Happy Test Month

    So True.
  9. Happy Test Month

    Good Luck to everyone. I am so glad that I am not taking a single exam of any type this month, including any type of certification exam, CEU/PDH type of exam, physical exam (prostate exam was last month), or stupid facebook exam my wife always make me take (i.e. "if you were a flower what type of flower would you be"). I will be thinking of you on test day (not really).
  10. Bagels

    When I stop by the bagel place, my go to breakfast is: Salt bagel toasted with regular cream cheese. Large coffee with cream Fresh squeezed OJ
  11. I am afffected and signed up for their credit monitoring service along with Credit Karma also. I have had my data stolen so many times (Stolen City of Nashville Gov't computer, AT&T, NashBar, etc.). I have probably had seven or eight different credit monitoring services over the years, but I only get it for free for a year or two each. However, there seems to be a breach every year or so, so I have essentially been covered non-stop for years. The issue with the others is that my SS# was not stolen, but this time it has been. I am not freezing my credit, but will monitor it more closely. One of the monitoring service stated that my home phone number was listed on the "DarK Web", but it is a published number and public information so I am not sure what somebody can do with it. For the most part, there is always someone trying to seprate you from your money and you have to be diligent (or being an a**hole as my wife reminds me) when you call them out on it.
  12. Horse is to stable

  13. Horse is to stable

  14. Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

    As mentioned above, you can probably get by with just the Standards of Practice and CII Best Practices Guide. Just read and know in detail these two references and you should be prepared. The other references just go into a little more detail of the subject matter. With a passing score of 65% and a passing rate of 83%, the exam is not overtly difficult if you prepare for it and have a general construction management knowledge base. I purchased a sample test (Examreview.net) from amazon for about $30.00 and it was okay. It was the only sample test questions I could find (CMAA did not have a practice test available when I took the test in January).
  15. Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

    I am in charge of our resource library (code books, reference books, etc.) so i just charge the books to my company Credit Card and stick them in our library. Maybe you could talk your supervisor into adding them to your resource library. Another option is if you, a co-worker, or your company is a member of CMAA you can get the books at 1/2 the cost.