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  1. I have been a LEED AP for about 9 years and I have used it. We had a lot of projects get LEED certification in the past, but most of my current project requirements call for them to be just LEED compliant. The biggest advantage to being accreditation is if you have actually have chance to be the LEED AP on a project. Otherwise, IMHO, it is just more initials after your name. The LEED GA is sort of like being a EIT. You really need to get a LEED specialty accreditation if you want to be in charge of LEED certification on a project. As far as the Exams go, they are a "pump it and dump it" exams. I took a boot camp and scheduled my exam the day after it ended. I took both exams back to back and passed both on the first time. I know a lot of people who crammed just before the exam and did a download for the first ten or so minutes of the exam. From what I can remember, I finished the exam in plenty of time to go over all the questions and time was not a factor. The CEU's are administered through the USGBC and yes you have to have them and keep them up to date. There are a lot of free one's out there, but you are required to have a certain number of LEED specific CEU's and these almost always cost money (remember that the U$GBC $tand$ for green). Note: You can get LEED Specific credits for working on a LEED certified projects. Our company made a big push to get a lot of our staff have LEED accreditation 8 to 12 years ago but not so much now. If your company or organization supports it and is willing to pay for it, then go for it. I am firm believer in getting as much Continuing Education and Certifications on someone else's dime. If you are paying for it out of pocket, then it still may be worth it depending on what you want to do.
  2. I just finished The OA Part II. The show should stop after this season because I cannot see how that ending can be topped.
  3. I took the FE and passed the first time when I was 23. I took the PE Exam and passed the first time when I was 50 (I was not the oldest person taking the exam at my exam location). My $0.02 - Take the exam as soon as you can, keep taking it until you pass, and you are never too old to take the exam.
  4. Getting your PE working in the Construction Industry as a Construction engineer cant' hurt but can help. Where I found it could be useful is in the following: 1. Excavation and Trench Box certifications 2. Formwork Certifications 3. Crane placements 4. Certify Improvements are constructed as designed It may not be required initially, but it will help later on in your career. It also looks good on a resume of project personnel when proposing on a project. I can't speak on FE preparation as it has been a long time since I took the exam, but others here can help.
  5. We are now requiring all of our consultants/subconsultants to use REVIT. The electric guys seem to be the last to make the switch.
  6. Why I love HOA's (especially in Tennessee):
  7. Civil cases (HOA) and criminal cases (violating a protection order) are different and a better example would be asking about traffic laws like coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, not putting on your blinker XXX feet before a turn, and not crossing at a crosswalk. These would be would have been more equitable examples but I'm an engineer and like to overanalyze things. I do wonder if engineers make good jurors or if the defense or prosecutors want them on juries or want us tossed.
  8. HOA regulations are not criminal laws, they are contract provisions. I have no idea why a prosecutor would ask that question. I would probably get a contempt of court citation because I would go off on my true feelings of HOA and their regulations.
  9. I was in jury duty when a defense attorney asked "Are you Innocent until Proven Guilty or Guilty until proven Innnocent"? Everyone who answered the latter were immediately dismissed.
  10. Is the structural engineer respondent from San Francisco eligible for food stamps? The average rent would eat up almost all of their take home pay. The Bay Area has a lot going for it, but I can't see how anyone can afford to live there.
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