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  1. Just tried this myself after reading your comment...was told they would only accept an actual class (which I did not take) Glad you had better luck!
  2. You need to have 3 years experience as a licensed engineer in CA before you can apply to sit for the SE in California. Based on your post, your 3 year timer didn't start until this year. I'm not in California and I had the same question about taking the exam early in another state potentially affecting the application process once I got my 3 years experience. Here is their response, basically its not a problem:
  3. Yeah that's what I was thinking...I just spent several hundred on codes for this past cycle because I was confident they wouldn't change again in the immediate future...
  4. Holy crap on a cracker. That sucks, seems like you did great...I've got a lot of improving to do...
  5. Back to the books for least I can stop refreshing now. Congrats to those that passed
  6. Lol or maybe she just went home for the day
  7. Most of the buildings I work on just a few hours north of you in Charleston are SDC D as well...totally agree with you on the bridges part though
  8. Yep...I've had my laptop with NCEES and this forum open at my desk being constantly refreshed since the PE results started coming out...
  9. with 10,500 views...thats a lot of F5s
  10. Haha. My comment wasn't directed at you FYI, but I see how quoting you instead of Sayed would be confusing
  11. As much as this guy seems to like to argue, maybe he should look into bar exams instead of engineering
  12. Our president sent out a company wide email naming those of us that passed and congratulating us. Then I had to ask HR for new business cards. The new cards had a position change on it to 'engineer', but my paychecks are identical. Go figure.
  13. They require seismic/surveying exams prior to PE licensure, and they require PE licensure before SE licensure, so yes, they do require 2 other 3 hour exams
  14. If you have the time to study for the exam now, before you have the experience/approval from the CA board, then a year or two in the future when you do have the experience, it will make getting licensed in CA much easier. If your experience gets approved, then you will automatically be licensed. If you wait until you have the requisite experience to take the exam, that adds ~6 months to your time frame of getting licensed. I am ~2 years from getting my SE license in California but I still took the exam in a state that doesn't even recognize the SE license, because I have the extra time to study right now. I'm getting married this year, probably kids soon after, so who knows if I'll have the time/desire to study for several months a few years from now.
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