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  1. Signed up for the vertical class...self studied (barely) for it back in 2018, didn't go so well. I'm going for the class after seeing the 18% pass rate for retakers. Do we know when the webinars and notes/etc are going to be made available? I don't see anything about a start date in the class dashboard
  2. Sweet baby jesus more than 80% of repeat vertical buildings failed?? Makes me glad that I skipped a cycle before retaking. Hopefully they make some adjustments for April, if they even care.
  3. 2nd what tj said about access issues. I've only used it with Revit, so that every team got to always see the other teams most up to date models. It was a huge pain trying to get autodesk accounts set up to be able to operate in the 360 model. I went back and forth with Autodesk support on why my account couldn't get into the 360 models and they couldn't ever give me a definitive answer. So if I remember correctly, I had to wait until one of our drafters finished with their account for the day, so that I could get in and update our stuff. I'm sure I was the one screwing something up, but it was frustrating.
  4. Lol well as you can see in the timestamp, it took 2 days to figure it out, so I don't know about being smart. Glad I could help.
  5. Just tried this myself after reading your comment...was told they would only accept an actual class (which I did not take) Glad you had better luck!
  6. You need to have 3 years experience as a licensed engineer in CA before you can apply to sit for the SE in California. Based on your post, your 3 year timer didn't start until this year. I'm not in California and I had the same question about taking the exam early in another state potentially affecting the application process once I got my 3 years experience. Here is their response, basically its not a problem:
  7. Yeah that's what I was thinking...I just spent several hundred on codes for this past cycle because I was confident they wouldn't change again in the immediate future...
  8. Holy crap on a cracker. That sucks, seems like you did great...I've got a lot of improving to do...
  9. Back to the books for least I can stop refreshing now. Congrats to those that passed
  10. Lol or maybe she just went home for the day
  11. Most of the buildings I work on just a few hours north of you in Charleston are SDC D as well...totally agree with you on the bridges part though
  12. Yep...I've had my laptop with NCEES and this forum open at my desk being constantly refreshed since the PE results started coming out...
  13. with 10,500 views...thats a lot of F5s
  14. Haha. My comment wasn't directed at you FYI, but I see how quoting you instead of Sayed would be confusing
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