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  1. thedaywa1ker


    If reducing the # of test takers is based on state specific regulations, then I feel pretty good about my test chances in South Carolina
  2. thedaywa1ker


    Email from NCEES today...this is good news, it seems they're determined to have the exams in October. There's a chance they can cancel some peoples exams if the center is too crowded and they need to reduce their numbers...that would suck. Hopefully they let people who were signed up for an exam that got cancelled in April get priority and not get 2 exams cancelled in a row.
  3. thedaywa1ker


    Yeah, I dont know if its this way in all states, but in SC the SE takers already got their own table and they were already a few feet apart. Cap the # of test takers (this possibility is why I signed up the first day)...find a 2nd testing center for the overflow...kick the CBT transition effort into high gear (least likely)...if they really want to I think they can figure something out. They've had 4 months to think about it and have 3 more until go time. I choose to remain optimistic. An entire year of not allowing any newly licensed engineers just sounds crazy
  4. thedaywa1ker


    Lol. Slight exaggeration...but if I have to take it next year I'll be studying with our first baby in the house. Given the choice of peaceful studying and hazmat suit or studying with a baby and zero sleep...its close. Either way, best case is they give everyone at the exam center their own table and jug of hand sanitizer and require masks and let us take it this october.
  5. thedaywa1ker


    I'll buy and wear a friggin hazmat suit and take the exam in the parking lot in 100 degree SC October heat if they'll let me take this test
  6. I'd be interested to see split statistics between international and US born examinees. Google says international students are 21% of engineering students. Assuming all of them got their MS and took the FE at 23 like you, and even if some were already licensed and came over older, I'm still very surprised that the average FE age is over 26.
  7. I did as well...I was going to take one in April and one in October, but with our first baby due early next year and the likely code change, I'm going to try to knock them both out in October. I'm taking AEI for both portions...should be a fun summer
  8. I took the PE at 24...then SE first attempt at attempt this October at 29. I'm also very surprised at the FE age. as pretty much everyone at my college took it while enrolled.
  9. thedaywa1ker


    Were you asking them about this October exam? Or the following April?
  10. thedaywa1ker


    Nope, never heard of continental...I've only dealt with NCEES and South Carolina's licensing board. Still no email telling me its cancelled. If it wasn't for this board, I'd still be planning on showing up to the test site in a few weeks.
  11. thedaywa1ker


    My dashboard is updated, back to the big red unacceptable. I asked about refunds...we'll be getting our exam fees back within 30 days. I still haven't gotten an email about the cancellation, so I don't know if the emails you guys are getting mentioned refunds.
  12. Ouch. I ran a marathon (my second) in January, and the next weekend the AEI classes started. I'm not really that big a runner, but I had followed a fairly typical 18-week training plan. If my race had gotten cancelled a few weeks out, I would have been disappointed...but secretly a little relieved. Those things suck.
  13. thedaywa1ker


    @davab No need to wait for an email, it is on their website: I understand why, but that doesn't help the frustration much. I guess I'll be taking both in October to try and beat the code change. RIP football season. Edit: Assuming the world hasn't ended by then...
  14. Everybody is too busy studying! I'm taking the vertical AEI class pretty much purely because of the reviews from this board...I've gotta say, they are definitely living up to the hype so far. 100% worth the money.
  15. Ah, didn't know they give a cert of completion. Nice, thanks.
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