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  1. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    Oh sorry to hear that. Sure you'll get it next time. @snobumPE I don't know what day you want to use for DC. They mailed out notices on 5/24, most people seem to have got them 5/26. NCEES released results on the website and emailed today (5/27).
  2. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    Yes. Just searched my last name here and got the hit. Although I will note that the letter was filled out by hand, so they may be trickling out.
  3. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    @snobumPE Okay received the official results by mail for DC. Postmarked 5/24. License numbers were uploaded into the search on 5/25 (late evening). (nothing on NCEES) So looks like DC just barely beat CA.
  4. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    DC still has not officially released on NCEES, but my name appeared in the License search this evening. So looks like I passed
  5. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    As was posted earlier, Nebraska did post. And I can say that DC has not (not that anyone remembers DC). DC Board said they would release by Friday, so I guess it is a race as CA said the same thing.
  6. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    DC still hasn't released and we don't have anything beyond the national exam.
  7. 2016 results

    For the one other person that might be browsing this forum and waiting for the DC exam results. The board just confirmed on the phone they would release by Friday. It seems likely we may be waiting for the monthly meeting on Thursday.
  8. Map: April 2016 Results Released

    @snobumPE I was more freaking out that DC disappeared than at the colors. Granted there aren't many of us. (makes it very hard to track what happened in previous years so I know what to expect.)