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  1. Thanks rwinch. Thats helpful. Happy holidays in advance to you and everyone in this group.
  2. Congrats rwinch. Would appreciate if you let us know when you hear back from DLLR. I am gonna be away for couple of weeks starting Christmas, just don't want to miss any important communication from DLLR. Hopefully they will send the reg # via email.
  3. Maryland PE Civil, Construction Passed (Finally!)
  4. Yes mustang. I passed in my 3rd try, so hang in there.
  5. After my 1000th+ refresh I finally saw green. I passed.
  6. That's what I thought and I just chatted with Ncees and all I got was automated responses pointing to the process.
  7. I put a paper weight on F5 key. Just kidding. Everytime I tell myself not to check again in 30 mins or so but can't help but refreshing every minute. Can't wait any longer.
  8. I called about couple of hours ago and talked to Roberta. She said tonight or tomorrow morning. Seems tomorrow likely at this moment.
  9. I am from Phila Area too. Let me know if you are interested in becoming a study partner.
  10. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. Have a good holiday!
  11. @Billyluv I passed civil construction in my first try and I did it without CERM. My method was to take the topic from the NCEES course description and then prepare my own notes and formula list. I can give you all that which can help you too. Also Texas state university has some online free courses which were helpful in morning and some PM questions. I took all the references with me and they were helpful too. I think stay positive, and remember one thing. You can do it. Once someone told me that the moment you gather all the material you have to study, you are 50% done with passing the exam. Rest is just application. Good luck and stay positive. Nio - Do you have the link for Texas State University Free courses. Appreciate in advance!
  12. Agreed. I think I rushed through the problems that I "knew" and spent more time on things I was less comfortable with... resulting in higher scores on those subjects and being embarrassed with my results in the areas I work in every single day. Ugh. I am with you on that. I scored 50/80 and failed. I scored exceedingly well in my weak areas and scored low on the run of the mill ones. I also agree that the Construction depth was different than what was taught in the School of PE Class. The School of PE notes came in really handy for the AM but I felt helpless in the PM.
  13. AlmostPE

    PCS States

    MD is in. Scored 50. Failed (:
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