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  1. tj_PE

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    Also - a suggestion that I used when I framed my tassel and degrees, is to cut your own mat (I think they had mat cutters at michaels/hobby lobby) and make it fit in a non custom frame size. would be less than 50 bucks this way. especially if you buy the frame at 50% off on the hobby lobby week. FYI hobby lobby has 2 cycles of sales and they alternate weeks. if the sale price is less than 40% then wait when it's not on sale and use the coupon.
  2. tj_PE

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    hobby lobby has sales every other week on custom framing. i think michaels is similar.
  3. tj_PE

    Crazy to not bring IBC?

    I printed out the AASHTO with 4 pages per sheet and double sided to help with manageability so you could always do that as well
  4. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for assuming Matt is, and/or has ever been, innocent.
  5. hibachi is one of my faaaaaves main thing i loved about raleigh is all the places with hibachi to gooooooooooo
  6. tj_PE

    2019 Engineer Boards Salary Survey

    my only suggestion is maybe to make the sheet so it has an input but you can't modify other stuff? https://gsuite.google.com/products/forms/
  7. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because I'm not too scared to ban Matt.
  8. POKE ahi tuna and salmon and pineapple and avo and edamame and cucumber and spicy sweet sesame sauce. NO CILANTRO
  9. tj_PE

    EET-SE Review

    I'm officially registered for vertical april 2019
  10. tj_PE


    I feel so enlightened.
  11. tj_PE

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    This is what I was thinking. you could sister the deck joists around your new post. depending on your access to the underside, you would only have to cut out like one piece of deck, trim it down and replace. could use threaded rods with bolts and washers on either side. no foundation work necessary. i'm sure the foundations you have are fine for the additional weight. to answer your gravity vs wind load question, the wind will push upward too, so i wouldn't count on anything to actually resist enough to not move.
  12. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for asking a question and ending it with a period.
  13. tj_PE

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    my only concern with attaching to the top of deck (like through the deck to a reinforced beam location) is lateral movement/lack of resistance - if you get that wind is it gonna snap the posts off the deck? so it could be a pretty hefty connection (read: not aesthetically pleasing) and I would recommend cutting a slot for the post to slide down and attach into the side of your reinforced beam to resist some of the rotation and look nicer / concealed in the end. my $0.02
  14. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being too scared to ban Matt