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  1. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  2. Fail for me. 18/40 and A A IR IR
  3. It's not 8am here yet. Glad I'm not at work to struggle with my future bad news 😭
  4. You're my super extra extra really very special best friend. Let's drink
  5. but we tested SO.DAMN.EARLY. this cycle. i still mad!
  6. hey, peace of mind is of value!! I think that's what you were thinking it would cost, anyway! and it's fixed!
  7. I was in a townhouse (no driveway or street parking bc HOA) and also living alone and I just wanted it done LOL
  8. I think a spring replacement for a 2 car door, residential was about 300 with late night repair for me. So I guess maybe not crazy high? EDIT. it was 300 for full replacement of both springs, with the late night fee, so probably a bit steep.
  9. maybe since it was so difficult, we'll all get the green pass
  10. Florida man slapped girlfriend with cheeseburger, kicked her down stairs
  11. one per day. so you'll get a huge binder (4"?) for vertical, and one for lateral, plus the quizzes they send you and the practice exam. TOTALLY worth it, IMO. I only took vertical, and wish I had kept up with the homeworks and quizzes better, but if I had, I would have felt incredibly prepared and ready for the exam!!
  12. EET is amazing. Covers both bridges and buildings
  13. yeah i stopped going to the dealer for this reason. I had my 30k mile tune up early which was supposed to come with all the filters etc. then i went in for an oil change and they told me my x and x and x were due. i was like do you even look at them? do you even look at my vehicle history? how can you tell me my stuff is due when it's clearly and visibly and documentatedly not... then i went to the oil change place the next time i was due and he's like bro your cabin filter.... it was growing mold. i like that they show me the status. and they're way faster.
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