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  1. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for apologizing
  2. we're at the mirage but leave monday night so can't help you with pool for tuesday! LOL
  3. I'll see if my friend wants me to fill one out. If I filled it out, it would only be based on whether I thought their name sounded like they'd survive or not
  4. I bought a foreclosed townhouse as my first home which was part of an HOA neighborhood. I think I paid like 125/mo and it covered insurance for drywall out, lawn, landscape, snow removal etc. I was considering getting satellite instead of cable and I had to put together a proposal of which part of the roof I was going to put the dish on, so I went with cable instead. I was an annoying neighbor who fought with the association because we had back to back rows of houses, with our garages on an interior drive between the rows (if that makes sense) and this one person would park their car in the entry part of the drive, in front of the mailboxes, and there was no way you could see beyond the street parking and around their car to see if someone was trying to come out of the (now single lane) drive. So i fought and fought and fought and finally they painted the area as a no parking zone. then i moved. it was the worst in the winter when iced roads and you're turning into the drive and someone else is trying to leave the drive and it's like well shit (or get hit)
  5. That was in response to @TehMightyEngineer
  6. Semi related - check with building official ahead of time if it's getting permitted. We had a runaround on a temporary structure supported on scaffolding with cable braces for lateral and the scaffolding engineer was only allowed to use R of 1.5, but if time wasn't of the essence, the build g official said we could have argued the case and maybe gotten an exception.
  7. TOTMI there's more than just mountains in WA, and I plan on getting un-scared someday.
  8. TOTMI I'm still scared of the mountains.
  9. I would agree. Definitely wouldn't use R=6.5, because it's for light framed bearing/shear wall construction
  10. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because you're rude!
  11. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being confused at the statement I banned for because it was edited to make me look a fool.
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