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  1. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for making an effort.
  2. @Wisco_Civ_Struc said they did but I haven't gotten them to respond to me let me know if you find one, please!
  3. tj_PE

    EET-SE Review

    thanks! I appreciate the info
  4. tj_PE

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    my whole house has 1x8 trim so that's what i put in my laundry too. i'm a fan of simple and clean!
  5. tj_PE

    EET-SE Review

    approx what date did your course start? also, the lectures - are they viewable on a tablet device? Or will i need to be at a desktop? Thanks for the info!!
  6. tj_PE

    EET-SE Review

    it says if you fail, they let you retake once, the immediately following cycle.
  7. tj_PE

    EET-SE Review

    I'm planning on one day at a time, but I want to know when I will start studying for the april exam. I know what dates the course starts for the oct exam because it's posted, but april going back the same number of weeks coincides with the winter holidays, so i'm just curious when the course usually starts for that test cycle.
  8. tj_PE

    EET-SE Review

    could you (or anyone else) give me an idea of when the review course starts for the april exams? / if you took one or both in an april cycle? I'm not eligible to apply til jan 2019 but i want to test in april 2019 and am wondering when the sadness of studying will actually begin. haha. thanks in advance!!
  9. only one day at a time tho. and if you take in 2020 then ill prob still be testing then LOL
  10. begrudgingly starting to study in october for april exam. 😕
  11. also, there's lots of reviews if you search the forum for the different review course names and people give their pro/cons for all. be sure to browse. I think I'm going to take EET for mine.
  12. have you considered testing in washington or another adjoining state and then getting reciprocity in oregon after the fact? I can't imagine having to take the bridge exam as i'm mostly buildings.
  13. tj_PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    happy actual fucking friday