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  1. rude. not the same year tho im sure
  2. I had results email 12/9 and ordered my stamp 12/17
  3. no, it is! (my friday)
  4. no, it is! (my friday)
  5. friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  6. I really like reading people's posts about GoT because I don't watch it and it just reads as jibberish
  7. that's what the chart reads, yes. an easy way to get verification is to call or email the board directly.
  8. don't water until the soil is dry. it's worse to overwater than to underwater!
  9. send her flowers! It will totally not be creepy at all
  10. This forum has tons of valuable information already populated within it, to help you with where to start. Take a look below and see if there are any good bits of information on resources you haven't already encountered. Also, how was your diagnostic? were you above 50 questions right? If so, practice problems, practice problems, practice problems, and work on your method of solving the exam - many people go through and do multiple passes with easiest / quickest questions first, saving the more complex and unknown for the end. Sorry to hear you have to retake, but hopefully this next time will be the one!
  11. I think it would be bigfoots, since they already have more than one foot per bigfoot ? IDK
  12. tj_PE

    Cut scores

    there's lots of threads about review courses, too. I cannot speak for WRE but for SE Vertical, EET was amazing!
  13. tj_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because I can't spam.
  14. I briefly thought the (3) you were referring to were all bigfoot and I was like wait where did that come from. so, that's that.
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