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  1. In April, the email from NCEES didn't come until 4:50pm. So should be a good chance they release them today.
  2. North Carolina Update, per their Twitter page:
  3. For the April exam, I think people started noticing the date changed that morning (Thursday, 5/19) and results were released that same day. Didn't get mine till 4:48pm on Friday (5/20).
  4. I did this back for the April exam, though I just figured the dates NCEES released the results from 2010-2015. If I remember/calculated correctly, it took 47 days on average, with the longest taking 54 days (2010) and the shortest taking 40 (2013). The most common day the results were released by NCEES was Wednesday. The "early date" for this year falls on a Wednesday (12/7) as does the "average date" (12/14).
  5. Still nothing from South Carolina
  6. South Carolina Update NCEES Website: result still pending I can also confirm my date has changed too. Now says "April, 2016"
  7. Ah, I see. Yes, the test is suppose to be geared toward more practical knowledge/practices. Whether it actually is or not is another matter. It will be interesting to see how the pass rate is affected going forward. Yes, the requirements for PEs should be the same. The requirements are still the same (BS, FE, experience, PE). The only thing that has changed is the PE doesn't have to be tacked on at the end.
  8. Well the 'early takers' cannot practice until they fulfill the experience requirement anyway. The current system forces you to take the exam after your 4th year of experience. Decoupling allows you take it earlier, and likely at a more convienent time. For example, my wife is in medical school and was studying for her board exams this spring, so I went ahead and registered to take the exam since it was a good time for me. Under the traditional system, I would have had wait till next year, when we will likely be moving for her residency.
  9. Neither does passing a test. I've met my fair share of PEs that certainly don't qualify as "good engineers". I support the decoupling because it allows examinees to have more flexibility in when they decided to sit for the exam. However, I would recommend working for at least a year before taking it. Based on the NCEES graph, it seems the 3-5 yr range is the ideal time.
  10. Very nice! Yeah, I had the same thought process. The only reference I had to buy was the CERM. I had a friend who also took the test at the same time, but he opted for the water resources.
  11. I work for FDOT in the drainage office, but I took the Transportation exam, even though I work in drainage. No immediate raise for passing the PE, but having it allows me to apply for the higher paying PE positions once I get my license next May. Though, I did just find out this week that I maybe able to apply for a PE position if they condition it to require the ability to obtain a license within a year.
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