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  1. Just messaged you. I have study stuff if you need it.
  2. PPI 6 Minute Solutions, PPI Quick Reference Guide, NCEES 2011 Practice Test. I went through all of these, corrected the reported PPI errors (many I personally found). doyee5@gmail.com if you're interested.
  3. Doyee5

    Need Help with a problem

    Balance using Bernoulli. Plenty of good problems to solve things like this in the numerous pratice guides I possess.
  4. Doyee5

    Passed the Chemical PE, have references

    Is anyone interested? I'm selling on half.com also.
  5. Received results today that I passed the April 2016 Chemical PE. I have the following study materials: NCEES Chemical Engineering Pratice Exam, PPI Chemical Engineering Reference Guide, PPI 6 Minute Solutions, PPI Pratice Problems, PPI Quick Reference Guide. I'll take 80% of the list price on ppi2pass.com In all of these I have a lot of commenting, cross-referencing to the Quick Reference Guide, so if you are a person who needs a clean book, probably not for you; however, if you are a person that finds it value added that for every single problem I created a summary sheet and added that to the backs of the book - You may be in business! I also wrote in some notes about fugacity, activity coefficients, and other mass trasnfer concepts in the quick reference guide that weren't covered in the CERM.
  6. Doyee5

    2016 April Results released

    If you are planning on taking the Chemical PE, I have materials (passed first try): PPI: 6-Minute Solutions, Practice Problems, Quick Reference. NCEES: Practice Exam. Willing to sell for a fair price.
  7. Doyee5

    CA Results

    Got my Cali results for the ChemE PE. Passed. Hit me up if you need PPI OR NCEES study material.
  8. Doyee5

    Map: April 2016 Results Released

    Passed the ChemE PE! Hit me up if you need any PPI or NCEES references.
  9. Doyee5

    Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    Still can't edit...
  10. Doyee5

    Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    I didn't post meaningless lines, I assume you're referring to the Donald's twitter feed.
  11. Doyee5

    Exam Authorization Posted

    Now want the pass/fail results :0
  12. Doyee5

    CA PE experience requirement

    School can count as experience if it's ABET accredited. I only needed 1 year of work experience to get me 5 years total with my B.S.
  13. [Your Name], PE in the upper left.
  14. I ate no breakfast, and a small dinner the night before. Didn't wanna have to use the restroom during the test.
  15. Doyee5

    Maryland Exam Information

    Took the Chem PE April 2016. They said specifically no fitbits before the test started. Sorry you were kicked out for it...
  16. Doyee5

    Too many References!!!

    Ur right sorry, saw the post from jcs372 and thought this was about ChemE
  17. Doyee5

    The retake pass rate is too low

    Best idea, pass the first time!
  18. This is difficult to prepare for... Perry's is probably your best bet.
  19. Doyee5

    Study material

    Page no longer exists...
  20. Doyee5

    April 2016 Exam

    Afternoon was tough for sure.
  21. Doyee5

    Advice for Rxn Kinetics/Mass Transfer

  22. Doyee5

    Advice PE Chem Exam Oct 2015

    Seems like the newer the version of Perry, the less helpful it is.
  23. Doyee5

    PE Exam Review Materials

    I have a lot of review materials that would be available assuming I pass.
  24. Doyee5

    NCEES PE Chemical Eng Exam-1999 CopyRight

    I heard that this isn't as helpful now that the test is multiple choice. I have the latest version which I felt was helpful. Lemme know if you need anything.