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  1. We have run a giveaway in the past. This year we have lowered our prices and upped the discount given on EB to give a greater amount of people a better discount. We were only getting half of the states in our giveaway, so we thought this was a better deal for more people.
  2. Just wanted to say congratulations to all of the people that passed the PE and SE exams recently. Way to go!
  3. Good luck to all those taking the PE and SE exams today and tomorrow.
  4. Good luck to all those taking the PE and SE exam today (and tomorrow for SE). Tonight you can breathe a little easier and celebrate the test being over. Then the waiting game begins. Sincerely, PE Stamps
  5. We are doing this giveaway again for October 2017. Posting should be up here soon. In the meantime, follow the instructions above to claim your stamps for October 2017. Good luck to all and congratulations to those who pass.
  6. Banned for being emotionless.
  7. Many FREE stamps are still available. Only 12 states claimed so far.
  8. Good luck! Long days ahead for us.
  9. Congratulations to all of those who recently passed the PE exam. It is something to be very proud of.
  10. We are giving everyone 20% off for the week of Thanksgiving. Use coupon code "givethanks20" to get 20% all orders for the week of thanksgiving.
  11. We suggest taking whichever depth you are the most comfortable with. It should have no bearing on your career, nobody will ever know.
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