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  1. it was a survey spefically for environmental engineers titled "Environmental engineers needed for online survey". See below:
  2. Rebelry09


    Yeah im not in DPOR license lookup yet either. I think it's because they have to actually assign license numbers which is going to take longer than just letting people know if they passed or failed.
  3. Rebelry09


    Congrats HokiEE!
  4. Rebelry09


    Way to go! glad we can join the party of states with results and those who passed!
  5. I did. So I'm glad it does appear that it was a good sign to receive that email.
  6. Passed Environmental Exam in VA. First Attempt. Hated the wait over the weekend but this is a nice start to a Monday!
  7. Virginia results have just been released on NCEES. PASSED Environmental PE Exam!
  8. Rebelry09


    Virginia results are released! PASSED Environmental PE Exam!
  9. that's what I'm trying to find out but we've only gotten response from people who passed so it's not clear if people receieved the enivro/WRE survey and failed.
  10. @MM2 are you sure you aren't referring to the general examinee survey? It appears the email being discussed here was only sent to Enviro/ Civil WRE
  11. Rebelry09


    It may be taking longer since it appears they have to actually issue license numbers immediately not just whether you passed/failed. Could be done by testing center, alphabetically, etc. I found someone listed on their who passed this time and it says his license was issued on 5/20 so it's possible that they haven't completed inputting all those who passed and issue them their license number. When does it say your coworker had his license issued?
  12. Rebelry09


    I'm not sure what you're seeing. When I search for Professional Engineers, it will only list people with actual license numbers. Does this mean they have already received their license #? Could they have been licensed previously for something else?
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