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  1. what do you mean by legal? accounting won't be needed since I won't have much work at first...from my understanding i think all I need is business cards..is that correct?
  2. should i create website and logo and etc first?
  3. I'm electrical engineer PE. I have 6 years of experience in power system and controls....currently I'm not working and thinking about starting a consulting business. I'm gonna start with some power system work that I'm good at technically what should be the first step to start? I live in minnesota...
  4. MM2

    Minnesota results anyone ?

    Electrical pass 1st attempt
  5. Pass 1st attempt power
  6. MM2

    Minnesota results by mail anyone ?

    I passed can't believe it
  7. MM2

    Minnesota results by mail anyone ?

    I was told yesterday that they mailed some on Monday and some yesterday so hopefully some of us will get it today... I can't stop thinking
  8. Did anyone get the result in the mail ?
  9. Scary....I can't wait to see my result
  10. Anyone did well on the test and still failed ?
  11. MM2

    April 2016 Power Results

    Likewise! First week after the test... But still doubting myself
  12. MM2

    April 2016 Power Results

    How did you feel after the test? Did you feel you were gonna pass ? I feel like I made enough mistakes to pass and enough correct answers to pass