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  1. It’s not a code issue, it’s either age of construction or problems with design/construction/inspections.
  2. The only reason I signed up is because ASCE gives a discount on professional liability insurance through Lloyd’s of London (brokered by Pearl). The price when I started out went from $7000/annual to $3500/annual. That paid my member dues and now I get 5 free PDH’s each year.
  3. I am consistently disappointed in their webinars for being too basic and introductory. I would hope the seminar is that expensive because they save the content for the in-person classes. I was on a live webinar and the instructor was asked if he could provide an example of a slab design (which was the topic). He said he “didn’t have time to cover an actual design, the class could only teach concepts and basic info in 90 minutes. But if you sign up for my other class we will review the design there.” He was referring to the expensive seminar.
  4. For residential drafting, I see a lot of contractors and home designers using Chief Architect. Then they need a design professional (architect or engineer) to provide the sizing, spacing, details, notes. For timber design I like the US version of WoodWorks. It can do shearwalls with a little bit of work. But the strength is really in the beam and column design with multiple load scenarios and easy to modify components/spans/spacing. The connector design is quick too, but is not as customizable.
  5. In FL we only submit design calcs when in the scope. In Miami Dade County they have engineers on staff to review design calcs so it is a requirement in that jurisdiction. I’ve also been required to submit it on projects involving the railroad companies for improvements on their property. When I design a foundation for a PE Metal Bldg the manufacturer provides reactions (but not calcs) so I can design the embedment for bolts and the footers.
  6. We typically used this box so that if contractors/clients had questions they would know who to call for questions. It is always difficult to get a response from the EOR in a timely fashion. It was up to the Project Manager to answer the easy questions and to bubble up changes or clarification to the EOR and to coordinate the work.
  7. I would follow the geotechnical report. It’s fairly standard stuff here in FL in flood zones.
  8. I don't use ROBOT but I do use Revit. Revit 2019 has better functionality as a platform than 2018 in regards to having multiple windows open and organized on the computer screen. I would be interested to see a study that compares ROBOT to RISA to see the following: 1. ease and speed of modeling the structure and applying loads 2. accuracy of forces and component design for the load combinations. I am always hesitant to invest in a new software prior to testing a sample file from a recently completed project. Let us know how it works out.
  9. I passed the April 2016 exam in FL, found out the result May 19th, and received my number just before June 15th. I immediately ordered my seal and embosser, then it took another two weeks to get the 11x17 paper certificate (which was folded into my mailbox). They were in no rush. The good news is at least you passed and don't have to wait another six months..
  10. That link has been taken down. Does anyone have pdf they can send me? -Terry
  11. My wife and are taking our first vacation since I started up my new company in September. I have been super busy and working day and night since day one, so this is much needed. We have a babysitter keeping the kids for four days and are headed to New Orleans on a Thursday. Does anyone any good suggestions for restaurants or activities? We will be looking for some kind of physical/outdoor activity that we don't have in our small town in Florida. No need for the swamp tours, we live in one. Has anyone done rock climbing at New Orleans Boulder Lounge? Thanks in advance!
  12. SE_FL


    If you have this question on the exam you may be given a starting point. Otherwise you will have to assume a thickness to evaluate the dead load for the shear and moment calcs. But generally, I have seen heavy loads are controlled by shear and longer spans are controlled by moment, but not always the case. During the exam you will most likely need to check all parameters unless the question provides a clue.
  13. I think you're looking to "protect a workbook" or "protect a worksheet". This article explain the differences.
  14. I have four friends that are attorneys and about six accountants, and the attorneys in my city don't like setting up LLC's and only a few accountants will do it and explain the benefits of each way. There are a few ways and they all have benefits/risks. But in Florida, the state statues changed regarding how an S-Corp is taxed and everyone is switching from INCs to LLCs. I would start with a small business account that specializes in this to ensure the articles allow for the most tax breaks. Generally you want to lean heavily on distributions over of pure income for the first few years. The liability insurance may depend on the way your state manages engineering firms and if you want to be personally insured or insured through the LLC. If you will have employees it's a whole different story and a CA# will add some complexity. I priced several insurance companies (for civil-structural) and the most affordable options were through American Society of Civil Engineers through a broker backed by Lloyd's of London. That cut my cost in half and the deductibles were much better. You don't want an insurance company to try and represent you with a incompetent attorney or special witness testimony. It needs to be their specialty. I also like working with the accountant because I was able to add on to their Quickbooks online subscription (for billing and payroll) to work on that from my office or my house without VPN. Yes, @youngmotivatedengineer is right about having an attorney review your proposal. The right attorney may have a template for you to follow as well.
  15. Generally the timing comes down to state registration times. Most states will not allow you to apply to take the PE until the board approves your FE results. Then the application process may take a couple months and you may miss a registration deadline for the exam you want to sit for. But to answer your "back-to-back" question, I am not aware of any states that require a four year wait.
  16. I could use another copy of the ACI 318-14, I sent you a PM last week. I have no use for the others.
  17. You should check the state statutes for professinal engineers. In Florida the specific section is in Chapter 471.033. (f) Advertising goods or services in a manner that is fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading in form or content. (g) Engaging in fraud or deceit, negligence, incompetence, or misconduct, in the practice of engineering. You have many options and they all would need a copy of that letter. 1. Forward the letter to the State Board for their review/comment. 2. I would think a phone call to the old boss would have a quicker effect and might be enough to stop the bleeding. 3. Have your current company send the guy a letter through an attorney. There may be some info in the employee manual that deals with this situation. If he signed the employee manual notice then it could be considered a contract. Or if he signed a contract (non-solicit or non-complete) he may in breach of that contract as well. 4. Have your own attorney send a letter to the guy for libel. You can take it as a lesson in business that some people are jerks and will do anything to get ahead. Don't stoop to their level, always act professional and your career and life will be better off in the long run.
  18. I would prepare three scaled models of beams for multiple rounds of testing. 1 with no reinforcement, 1 with steel, 1 with bamboo. Make sure your beams are all the same size and increase the span to something that doesn't require a super heavy load to crack. Make your depth as shallow as possible to allow tension to control.
  19. There are certain government engineering positions that do not have demanding schedules and you can count on a 40 hour work week with vacation and benefits. Or you can crush it at 60 hours a week with a large firm to gain experience, pass the PE then open a small consulting firm where you set your own hours. There are many options and some are dependent on location. I would think it better to find a job you enjoy and figure out the rest later. Also keep in mind a large number of successful business people have engineering degrees and do not work in engineering. An engineering degree is fairly respected in the business world and opens you up to many opportunities a business or marketing major will not have.
  20. I have the HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 and it's decent. I was looking at the HP EcoTank due to the cost of replacement cartridges. @Audi driver, P.E. did you go with the EcoTank?
  21. From what I understand, class action lawsuits will usually have a sponsor plaintiff that puts up the money for the experienced attorney, then you need at least 30 individuals who were also harmed by the defendant in the same manner. If you can find the 30 individuals you might have a shot. But it seems like you would dedicate more time and money for the lawsuit then to just re-take a portion of your college courses and get your EIT. If you are interested in doing engineering-type work similar to your past jobs, I know many technicians that perform engineering type work in their private and public sector jobs under the direct supervision of engineers. Yes, those jobs generally offer less money, but at least it can satisfy your passion for engineering in the meantime. By the time you get your additional experience/education you can take and pass the FE and PE relatively quickly. Or at least quicker than trying to get a settlement out of ABET. Keep in mind ABET will likely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight the lawsuit before they give in. Even if they settle I doubt they will change their policy. They will most likely just give you a check for the value of your assumed lower salary for the next 4 years (minus attorney fees, divided by all plaintiffs). Our justice system is very well designed to protect the big guys with deep pockets. It may be possible, but it takes a lot of money and time to change the tide. I also believe this is very similar to other degreed/certified/licensed professionals like @Road Guy mentioned. I work with two guys that obtained their degrees 30 years ago in South America and their struggle was long and painful, but worth it to live in "Merica, drive oversized pickup trucks, and shoot guns.
  22. You should definitely remove or hide your phone numbers. I don't see anyone with their cell phone listed unless they are job hunting. You may need to change your privacy settings so that only people that know your email address can send you an invitation to connect. I have over 400 contacts in LinkedIn and only one is a recruiter, so I don't see much activity with recruiters. Most of my activity feed is from a couple of engineers that are salespeople for large companies. Every once in a while I will "unfollow' someone if their posts are repetitive or too frequent for my taste. That allows us to stay connected but they don't show up on my feed. To do that you just click on one of their posts at the top right and unfollow. You can always re-follow them later. Since I own my own business, I try to post online more frequently but I don't know if it results in any additional awareness. I think most people I know use LinkedIn to get ahold of people in case they switch jobs and their phone dies. It may be important to have it, but you don't need to log in every week.
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