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  1. ngmakhlo_PE

    One Week (+1 day) left

    I wish you the best of luck on the exam. Do not get overwhelmed if you see a problem you're not comfortable with, move on and solve some softballs to get your confidence up and go back and take a crack at the challenging one you skipped, a few times I did that and when I came back to the problem it was much easier for me to understand! If things do not go your way this time around, EET is the way to be! Cheers!!
  2. ngmakhlo_PE

    One Week (+1 day) left

    Last October I took the day before the exam off of work to do some last minute studying and organize my references but what really happened is I did maybe 5 practice problems that I had already done before but I ran out of other problems to do and those ones were more challenging to me. once I finished those, I packed up all of my references in the orders I had practiced using them and watched "The Office" the rest of the day. it was actually a very enjoyable and relaxing day! Made a massive pasta dinner, ate until I almost popped, went to bed around 9 and the rest is history! Good luck to everyone taking the exam!
  3. ngmakhlo_PE

    Best Tranportation Review - 2 fails...

    EET. You will not regret it. And they too offer free retake of the course if you do not pass. Best of luck!
  4. ngmakhlo_PE

    PE October 2017 - Civil - Transportation

    IMO, to be an Engineer you need to be able to realize what sources you need to reference, when you need to reference them, and how to reference them, which if you prepare well enough for the exam, that is what you will be doing a lot of. Referencing.
  5. ngmakhlo_PE

    Survey: time spent studying and your result

    1st attempt: Maybe 50 hours total at random times, no routine, no schedule. FAILED HARD. Civil/Transpo 2nd attempt: well over 430 hours over a span on 4.5 months (including EET lectures). Studied every single day before and after work. Passed Civil/Transpo.
  6. ngmakhlo_PE

    EET Review Course

    If you can swing it financially I would highly recommend signing up for the breadth review course as well since there are several topics that will tie in-to a lot of the depth topics.
  7. ngmakhlo_PE


    It took over a month.
  8. ngmakhlo_PE


    That was my response too... Yes. Everything needs to be submitted again because, as I was told by the AZBTR, "the documents submitted to sit for the exam are in a closed file once you have sat for the exam." Just more money to shell out.
  9. ngmakhlo_PE


    It is essentially the process you went through to apply to take the exam. It was pretty stressful actually.
  10. ngmakhlo_PE

    PE passers by age.

    Passed at 26.
  11. ngmakhlo_PE


  12. ngmakhlo_PE

    Expected Results Before May 24th

    @kpalframan Jeesh, quit being so conflicting...
  13. ngmakhlo_PE

    Recent EIT Advice

    Did you take the civil FE, the environmental FE? I studied civil engineering in college and I work in the civil field, however I primarily do airport engineering (design and CM) so I was also not sure if I should take the construction exam or transportation so I went with the transportation, busted my butt for almost 4 months to learn the reference material that I almost never use and passed. I suppose it just depends on your effort and time you commit to understanding topics you never usually deal with. Hope that helps!
  14. ngmakhlo_PE

    Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    Learn something new everyday!! thank you! and that sucks!!
  15. ngmakhlo_PE

    Feel good about how you did on the exam?

    They added 10 more questions to the morning section?? I thought it was 40 morning and 40 afternoon