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  1. Hello-- I have a bunch of Geotech PE exam books I am selling if you need them. <removed> Thanks--
  2. One last thing, after reading a ton on this site I would swear that people are taking totally different tests. Don't listen to other people, lots of contradicting opinions that get in your head. Everyone is different, try hard, hard as hell.
  3. I'm going to give you one of those answers that sound like a riddle but it's true. I have the give credit to NCEES, they make a test like none other. The only way you pass the PM portion is by becoming a super versed in the subject. Abstractly versed. You also need some great books to look things up, this is key for Geotech, people that say all they used is the Ref Manual weren't taking Geotech. Get a few Das books. You can study all you want but if you don't have the "vibe" of how to do things you won't get it. They do all sorts of tricky wording and little things to throw you off, you have to be solid. I studied super hard the first time and failed (like over 400 hours)........, the second time I didn't study anything at all and just thought about all the concepts, over and over again, what if this, what if that, and passed the second time after not opening a book for 6 months. I'm not saying do this but now you have seen the battlefield so remember the style when you study. It is definitely a journey, as it is intended to be, so try to enjoy it. It will feel great when you complete the mission. Also selling all my books, so take a look... Also, I never have taken a Geotech class in college, so If I can do it, you can do it. Good luck mate, go crush.
  4. I focused on getting really fast. I just went in order and did all of the problems, I don't like the advice to skip around, that all takes time. Do every problem as fast as possible. If you start freaking out on a problem just move on. My 2cents
  5. FYI. Passed all 3, also no Table 2.
  6. Failed all 3 last year, crushed all 3 this year. Thank freaking god! Thanks for the company this board offered in this unique situation. (and sometimes just added unneeded paranoia, bahaha) Good luck to everyone, hit it hard until its crushed.
  7. My last name starts with an A, and haven't gotten it.
  8. ioiooioii


    Wow,, good work m8
  9. Waiting is so much fun....
  10. ioiooioii


    GEOTECH... BOOM!!!
  11. Keep that head up!! I failed last year and crushed it this year, the fail made the success all the more enjoyable. If it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be worth anything. Get to it soldiers!
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