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  1. @beav43 it was a personal goal for me too. Don't know if I'll ever "need" it, but it definitely adds to the resume, and also makes me feel somewhat accomplished as an engineer.
  2. Passed Industrial Engr, Texas
  3. For Texas:
  4. Yes, not sure if it was within 48 hours though
  5. I didn't really count, I just remember my seat number was close to 300, oh and I guess I was in the middle of the room, so 600 would make sense
  6. I saw a few IEs, and my co-worker was taking it as well too. But then again, there were at least 300 people in my test room I think.
  7. Super intimidating proctor! I'm glad he was strict but he was pretty rude to some of the other proctors
  8. Diet is not prescribed by a doctor though, I'll just figure it out.
  9. Thanks, I'll probably bring some snacks too, I have a specific medical diet I need to follow, was upset about the "no outside food" rule.
  10. Yes there are soooo many typos! And none of the formulas he references exist! I gave up on that book and now just focusing on FE practice guides :/ I feel the same way, highly likely I'll fail this time and have to take it next year (I wish it was offered twice a year and not just once! How hard can it be to offer it in the fall too?)
  11. I've got basically the same! Probably bringing just 2 textbooks and a couple "quick reference guides." I don't feel prepared at all though, I wish there were more practice exams!
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