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  1. Hi, I plan to take the petroleum PE exam this year, and would you please recommend some books for preparing the exam? Thanks
  2. I also took the FE exam when I was a Senior student. Now I think passing the FE exam is one prerequisite for taking the PE exam, so we cannot take PE exam before we pass the FE exam.
  3. Wow, I was 2 years old when you pass the FE exam.
  4. I have not taken the PE exam, but I think FE are some basic questions, but in very wide field.
  5. I think that make sense, as FE exam should be easier than the PE exam, is that correct?
  6. What kind of essay? Based on some materials like case study?
  7. So they cannot pass if they did not argue about that.
  8. So sounds like problem solving questions.
  9. Extractly. When I was a senior student, before I take FE exam, some professors in our university provide us some sample questions, and teach us during the Saturday morning. The questions contain many gap fillings, which are especially in the thermal dynamics.
  10. Maybe the students must pass some exam which like our PE exam before graduation that time.
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