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  1. I passed the Oct 2017 civil-construction depth exam (2nd attempt) after being out of school for many, many years. I'm 57 years old so don't let age dissuade you. Here was my strategy after failing the first attempt: Review Courses: The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course and EET's Breadth and Depth Practice Exams: For construction depth, include as much geotech review as possible. My practice exams included ones from EET, Ultimate Civil Engineer Review Course, Goswami, NCEES, Beth Lin Hartmann, Learncivilengineering.com, and passthecivilPE. Practice Problems: Indexed binder contained breadth in the front and construction depth in the back. This seemed like a time waster initially and was a pain, but it paid off by allowing me to quickly look up problems and, more importantly, giving me one simple binder to practice problems from. References: 1926 OSHA, CERM, MUTCD, Geotech Engineering (Coduto), ACI Formwork for Concrete. Other Practice Problem Books: Civil PE Morning Exam (Shepherd), Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide As you know, the real key is working problems until they are almost second nature. It seems like some of the theory behind the problems comes to life with repetition. Good luck and don't give up.
  2. I was fortunate and passed this second attempt at construction depth. After my first attempt last April, I considered switching depth sections - I'm glad I didn't. Build upon what you have learned. My prep included EET depth and breadth on-demand sessions and the on-demand Ultimate Civil Engineer Review Course by Isaac. EET is great at re-teaching you principles, and Isaac's course is 99% problem solving w/o going deep into theory . I would not have passed without taking both. Isaac's construction and geotech review modules are a must. Also, there's no doubt my field experience with concrete and soil helped. Be familiar with your official OSHA manual and tab that thing!
  3. Excellent! I wish you the very best. Maybe we will hear in a couple of weeks.
  4. As good as EET is, they can't cover everything. In addition to EET last April, I also took The Ultimate Civil Engineer PE Review by Isaac. He doesn't get into theory much - it's more of practice problems - tons of them and a couple of great practice exams, and it helped very much. Some of the questions just plain require experience. Had I not had a hands-on geotech and materials testing background, I would have been guessing at some of those, as none of my references covered specifics of materials testing.
  5. That's a very tough question, as the NCEES scoring policy seems complicated and really involved, with stats people and testing professionals analyzing results. I am fairly confident I got 60/80 for sure, and hopefully guessed at least 25% of the rest correctly.
  6. Agree 100% - this exam was more straightforward. Additionally, EET was great. I wonder if the very low percentage of persons passing construction depth in the past (usually the lowest % of any discipline) prompted NCEES to review the difficulty level?
  7. In April, they had results out after only 4 weeks.
  8. I thought this exam (my second attempt) was easier than the April exam. I can't giv away specifics about the exam due to NCEES rules, but I'm kicking myself for missing some word/theory/basic knowledge problems that I later found in my references - ugh.... And you are correct, there were some curveballs to see if you know the subject matter or took the time to thoroughly read the question. A simple geotech question nearly got me until I realized my mistake due to rushing. I felt more confident and less stressed on this attempt. If I take it again, I'm adding a couple of reference books that likely would have saved me on a couple of questions. Good luck to all of you.
  9. Thank you for the advice. My first attempt in April ended badly, getting only 50/80 correct. It is discouraging but time to get in the right frame of mind for the October exam.
  10. Thank you very much. I appreciate your thoughts and advice. I really enjoyed EET's review (and the great binder). I plan on using my NCEES diagnostic report to address my weak areas, and I will buy more practice problems to perhaps be introduced to more possible questions and topics. Thanks again.
  11. I went through the EET breadth and construction depth review on this first attempt and failed (50/80). I also worked practice exams for breadth and depth from four other books outside of EET. It was clear from my diagnostics report that EET was very helpful to me and I would have scored much lower without their help. However, I was surprised by what was left off the exam, particularly in the depth section. EET and my review books placed a great deal of emphasis on certain types of problems, and their omission caught me off guard. I am in the process of re-grouping to do better in October. Congratulations to all you folks who passed.
  12. Hi. I am sorry you did not pass this time around. It is definitely a bad feeling and I am quite disappointed in my performance, especially considering how much time and effort I put into preparing through EET's review. I also bought four other review books containing practice tests for both breadth and depth. My overall score was approximately 50/80, with poor showings in scheduling, material quality control, site development, and structural. I was really surprised by my low showing in scheduling, as I enjoyed that part of the EET review and thought I had a better handle on it. Many of the questions that appeared in the afternoon caught me off guard, and I was surprised by how many things were not present. After getting over the initial disappointment, I plan to enroll in another review course (possibly ASCE's Civil/Construction). Nothing against EET (I thought it was excellent and many people who have taken it have passed), but my strategy is to be exposed to new material through a different review course. Part of my problem may have been test-day jitters, and also being out of school for so long. I wish you the very best the next time around.
  13. Congratulations to all who passed. Unfortunately, I did not pass the Construction PE.
  14. I felt the morning session went relatively well. However, the afternoon construction depth surprised me in terms of what was not covered and the inclusion of a couple of odd questions. Oh well, it's time to wait. Best of luck to everyone out there who are awaiting results. By the way, my prep included EET's breadth and construction depth. I am very pleased with the instruction and the reference materials they provided.
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