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  1. Whoo hoo.... I got my weekend entertainment lined up!!!!
  2. Yep... Take a deep breadth and relax at the exam. Work the problem methodically. The exam is not that bad...
  3. I look forward to watching...
  4. I do not have experiences in power generation but a quick google did explain the differences. https://www.ecourses.ou.edu/cgi-bin/ebook.cgi?doc=&topic=th&chap_sec=10.3&page=theory
  5. Download the latest revision of the NCEES Mechanical Engineering Manual.... hf = 167.53 KJ/kg is in my manual page 325 chapter 6.3.4
  6. BuffaloWings, I do not believe their solution is correct either. I believe, Outside Air Load is from Outside Conditions to Room Conditions for the Outside CFM. Please correct me if I am wrong. The solution appears to use the Mix Air Enthalpy, instead of the Return Air Enthalpy .
  7. They are correct. I did not carefully read the problem. They gave room load conditions and I left out the outside air load. Odd that I got the exact answer even though I did it wrong. again. and again.
  8. AHHH... Crap!!!! I totally butchered this problem... Diagram and Solution attached. I apologize to those that I may have screwed up. Thanks for the heads up BuffaloWings ...
  9. It's really difficult to say... I was going through the chapter in the MERM and doing the practice problems. I was building confidence right up to a single problem that I could not figure out why they used a certain number in their solution. At that point, I was not so confident. SO... I decide, prior to the exam, that I would skip these problems on the exam. That was my exam strategy. With the new format of an all DEPTH exam, it is difficult to say what you will see and how difficult they will be. I wish you luck... Mike
  10. I figured their method out last night. I just wanted to put it in MathCad.
  11. Do you have the answer or the solution... I fell smack dad in the middle of two answers. Which means I probably did the whole thing wrong. Nevermind...i have it
  12. OOPS!!!! YEP... Mybad! Didnt change the answer though...
  13. What happens if this drags out past 1 year? Your references expire, is there a need to refile?
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