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  1. MikeGlass1969


    I have watched the California Polytechnic @ Pomona courses on Thermodynics, Heat transfer and Fluid Dynamic courses online. I thought they were excellent, just like in college. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZScjkZuVuvwa-JVA3mHO3w
  2. This problem looks intimidating but once you do your mass and energy balances around each piece of equipment it becomes an algebra problem.
  3. Question 127 ask you to find the Temperature at point 8.
  4. I also vote for Slay... He will have you ready for the exam. He is also readily available here on the forums to help answer your questions. I spent $1500 on a local review class that met twice a week for 12 weeks. I realize now that was a waste of money because I still had to commit to 250 hours or so outside the class to practice problems. I honestly think I could have passed on my own with the same commitment of 250 hours. My point is no matter what direction you choose you still have invest approximately 250 hours to pass. You might as well save the money.
  5. "I ain't dead yet, Slay"!!!! Slay speaks truth, combustion problems had a significant presence on my exam. I would study these hard. For example be able to calculate the partial pressure of water in the flue gas. or something along those lines
  6. We have to calculate the losses from leaks in refrigeration. Most engineers figure this in air then convert to Freon. Use the air tables in the MERM. The velocity of the Freon through the pinhole with be Sonic velocity up to a ratio of the absolute pressures is .5? I mean the Mach Tables. Isentropic flow of a perfect gas... Depends on the ratio of specific heats.
  7. The PDF format of the MERM is only good for 3 years and then expires. I assume, if there is a pdf form of the practice problems book, it would expire in 3 years also.
  8. Thanks for the mention. I sold to Koz?? But he has it on sale in the yard sale section on this forum.
  9. It doesnt have to be those years. Can be any string of 4 years in a row. A 2011 index will reference itself and the 2010, 2009 and 2008. A 2008 index will reference itself and the 2007, 2006 and 2005 books. Its always itself and the 3 previous years books.. The index is a combined index for all 4 volumes.
  10. For instance. If you bought the 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008 books. That would be a sequence of 4 books. The index in the 2011 book would refer to the pages and sections in the 2010, 2009 and 2008, as well as its own year. If you bought non-sequential years, the idex will not refer to the correct pages and you will be lost and not find the information you are looking for. You always want to use the index in the newest book...
  11. I took older books in the 2016 exam and was fine. Not a whole lot changes in the books. Just make sure you get a string of them, all 4 years in a row, so the newest book would have a proper index that refers to the previous years.
  12. Ryan, You should be thinking about your next job, after this one. If you already know AutoCAD move to Revit. I look at the jobs I want to apply for now but they require proficiency in Revit. I only know AutoCAD. That leaves me in a disadvantage.... Advance your knowledge. Advance yourself.
  13. I have stuff for sale in the Yard Sale section. As far as the conversions, people have been using the 4th ed for a long time. I used it 3 years ago. 2nd ed. has 146 pages. (Copyrighted 1990) 4th ed. has 160 pages. (Copyrighted 2009) Individual pages could have expanded or corrected.... I think it is best to go with a newer version
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