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  1. MikeGlass1969

    Buying the codes/ standards

    Rawan, I am Mechanical. I took a 3" binder full of codes to the exam and did not even use it. I am sure Structural is different though.
  2. MikeGlass1969

    Buying the codes/ standards

    Techstreet is a common place where I buy my codes from. I believe they also have a rewards system.
  3. MikeGlass1969


    I did all my chart plotting on the supplied Psychrometric chart that was in the back of the exam.
  4. MikeGlass1969

    Engineering Calculations Software

    Yep... Not upgrading. I have MathCad Versions 5,6 and 8... 8 is loaded on an XP virtual machine that I can carry on a flash drive. I am told no versions past 8 will no longer activate.
  5. MikeGlass1969

    One more week to go

    Excellent!! Glad you did well!
  6. MikeGlass1969

    One more week to go

    My best advice now is the relax during the exam and work through the problems at a steady pace. If you get a problem that stumps you, skip it and come back to it afterwards. Don't panic... Now that I have passed and can look back on things, I honestly believe the FE exam was harder.... Good Luck! "You got this!!"
  7. MikeGlass1969

    One more week to go

    My test had 6 foot tables that you shared with a civil engineer
  8. MikeGlass1969

    One more week to go

    Pretty sure everyone is gonna do well. Slay the PE has gotten you guys/gals prepared like I have never seen before. Good Luck tomorrow.
  9. MikeGlass1969

    How many references are you bringing?

    http://www.explainthatstuff.com/valves.html I am looking for one of those equivalent feet lists for valves.... stay tuned You will need to know the pro's and con's of each valve type. What's best at control, throttling, least pressure drop.... ect
  10. MikeGlass1969

    How many references are you bringing?

    For HVAC takers: https://www.nafahq.org/understanding-merv/
  11. MikeGlass1969

    How many references are you bringing?

    Have you guys looked up any information on valves? And/or air filters?
  12. MikeGlass1969

    Engineering Calculations Software

    Excel... Hate it but use it the most. Everything is subscription based these days. So I will probably stay with Excel.
  13. MikeGlass1969

    Engineering Calculations Software

    Back in the day we used MathCAD in college for our engineering calculation. Now, for the past 20 years I have worked in a old timers office. I wasn't even allowed to use my own MathCAD license in the office to do calculations. Everything was done by hand and calculators. So, what does everyone else out there use these days for this.... I want to bring myself into a more up-to-date world, now that I am on my own. I do HVAC and Refrigeration and some Thermal Fluids and Simple electrical and controls.... Anything from ground up when building a food processing facility (except the civil or structural parts) Thanks
  14. MikeGlass1969

    PPI Now Offers eTextbooks

    I bought into the e-book for $50 when I bought my textbook. It came with 3-year access. Anyway to make that permanent? I would like to be able to have access to it without carrying the massive book around with me all the time.
  15. MikeGlass1969

    NCEES HVAC+R Practice Exam #506 and #508 Solution Errors

    There is a new eratta posted for the corrections. https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/2016-Mec_HVAC_errata_ALL-2.pdf