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  1. I would actually recommend using the ASHRAE Chart, as that is what you will see on the exam.
  2. Two air streams are mixed: (A) is 5000 ft^3/min @ 40Fdb/35Fwb (B) is 15000 ft^3/min @ 75Fdb/50% rh Find the mixed dry bulb temperature. The specific volume for stream B @ 75Fdb/50%rh = ~ 13.7 ft^3/lbm Try using the psych chart in the MERM 13 Appendix A-137 it has 0.1 graduations for specif volume.
  3. MikeGlass1969

    HVAC and Refrigeration Advice

    I highly suggest you take the Slay the PE for the TFS material. There is/was a a great deal of TFS material on the HVAC & R exam. It is great source material and if you act quickly you can get 50% off the material by doing the contest. Contest PS... Most people consider the 6 minute solutions material "trash"
  4. MikeGlass1969

    Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics for TFS Contest

    Sent... PS... I have crappy lead in my pencil and it's sloppy..
  5. MikeGlass1969

    Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics for TFS Contest

    The drag files here to attach is not there for me in PM.....
  6. MikeGlass1969

    Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics for TFS Contest

    How do you upload the scanned document in PM?
  7. MikeGlass1969

    HVAC Test Taking Strategy

    I am one of those people that work through the problems in order. I have tried the skip through and answer the problems but I always screw up putting the answer down on the scan tron sheet. I quit doing that method long ago. If you can do it without screwing up... Kudos to you.
  8. MikeGlass1969

    1st Edition of 6 minute solutions for HVAC

    Should only be in imperial...
  9. MikeGlass1969

    1st Edition of 6 minute solutions for HVAC

    Canada... https://www.amazon.ca/Six-Minute-Solutions-Mechanical-Refrigeration-Problems/dp/1591260132
  10. MikeGlass1969

    Buying the codes/ standards

    Rawan, I am Mechanical. I took a 3" binder full of codes to the exam and did not even use it. I am sure Structural is different though.
  11. MikeGlass1969

    Buying the codes/ standards

    Techstreet is a common place where I buy my codes from. I believe they also have a rewards system.
  12. MikeGlass1969


    I did all my chart plotting on the supplied Psychrometric chart that was in the back of the exam.
  13. MikeGlass1969

    Engineering Calculations Software

    Yep... Not upgrading. I have MathCad Versions 5,6 and 8... 8 is loaded on an XP virtual machine that I can carry on a flash drive. I am told no versions past 8 will no longer activate.
  14. MikeGlass1969

    One more week to go

    Excellent!! Glad you did well!
  15. MikeGlass1969

    One more week to go

    My best advice now is the relax during the exam and work through the problems at a steady pace. If you get a problem that stumps you, skip it and come back to it afterwards. Don't panic... Now that I have passed and can look back on things, I honestly believe the FE exam was harder.... Good Luck! "You got this!!"