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  1. I used in my wood frame shear wall Simpson Tie Down CTDS-3/4. It comes with ATS ABR6 Anchor Rod, CNW 3/4 coupler unit, ATS-SR6, ATS TUD9, ATS-DW6 Strong Rod, etc.
  2. SE on April 2015 hopefully, I haven't updated my codes lets see if Im ready.
  3. ^ don't give up guys! and Happy Holidays!
  4. ^ agree with this, I used to work in Bridge Consulting Firm, all they have was AASHTO and others related to Bridges and nothing more and when I brought some building codes, they were not interested to read it and I have to look and buy all of these building codes out on my expense.
  5. I would say it is case to case basis and so many factors involved in studying and etc., if you think you can do it in one time, then go for it, but if you need more time studying the second day, then split it up. Good Luck.
  6. Once a DICKHEAD always a DICKHEAD.
  7. This thread should stop its over.
  8. ^ Nice, you got me off guard! lol.
  9. Iwire, how did you get those results? did you made them?
  10. How did you get those results? or did you made them.
  11. Winter is here, -20 degrees Celsuis!

  12. depends on what state board youre applying to sit for the PE Exam, most state will open once the results are out. But anyways, good luck and congrats to those that were approved.
  13. still thinking April or Oct 2015, I do have a lot to gather for this SE exam my codes are outdated now and reviewers as well.
  14. This year more than $100k, basic $ 90k and plus on the side $15K and counting.
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