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  1. The only reason I know this is because there's a guy at my work from Arkansas. He already had a PE there when he moved here and they let him take the seismic and survey exams. For power though, does California make you take extra exams after the 8 hour? That may be why if that's the only exam you take.
  2. You can take it in another state, but you have to get licensed first before you can transfer to CA to take the seismic and survey
  3. @RBHeadge PE I agree and yes they were the first this time around huh? California just couldn't do it in the first day. Maybe it's the time change. Seems like GA takes forever to release results these days so no thank you to that lol
  4. I can't stand the people that act like you're not cut out for engineering if you can't pass an exam on the first try. I do just fine at my job and I just got promoted last year so I think their theories are entirely wrong. I agree with this completely! I was born and raised in GA so I've met a lot of tech grads. I was accepted into tech, but decided to go to UGA instead because I heard they were a more hands on school (which is better for me) so I went there and it was a good call.
  5. That's not a bad idea to take it in Alabama! I will look into that. I personally think that Georgia's rule about having to retake college courses is ridiculous. I've always been a poor test taker. It's not because I don't know the material so extra college courses will do nothing for me 😕 Waste of money and time. I do want to get a masters at some point so maybe they would count masters classes for that. Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure about that either. I wish they would make this kind of stuff more straight forward since it seems to be a normal occurrence. Aint nobody got time for dat!
  7. Thank you for responding so quickly guys! @amk78 I was actually thinking of doing that as well. I could take it as many times as necessary without complication, but considering my track record with exams, it could get pricey lol. The extra paperwork does not sound appealing either. @RBHeadge PE That's an answer that I actually have gotten from GA. They do make you sit for the exam in their state. If I were to pass the 8 hour in CA, then I would have to pass the seismic and survey and get my PE before I could actually get my PE in GA. That would be fine though because I'm still going to be working for my California company, just remotely from GA.
  8. I have a question and I'm hoping that someone here has some kind of knowledge of this because the GA Board is not responding to my emails. I have taken the PE exam four (4) times in California and unfortunately have come close to passing, but I still have not passed it. I am planning on moving to Georgia before the next exam. It is my understanding that the State of Georgia requires someone that has failed the exam four times to take twelve (12) credit units of classes at a college before being able to sit for the exam again. My question is; will this apply to me even though I did not take the exam in Georgia? Or will it be a clean slate so to speak and I’ll have four more attempts? (Not that I am planning on four more of course). Thanks!
  9. Ktulu, I have a quick question for you. I was just reading a post from you from 10 years ago about how you passed on the 5th try and took school of PE as a review course. I just found out i failed on my 4th try and I'm feeling the usual discouraged and grumpy emotions. I was wondering, at school of PE, which one did you take? On-Demand, online, or live in classroom? I am also thinking about signing up for school of PE, but I just wanted to know which rendition helped for you. Thanks!

  10. Last cycle (OCT 2018) CA results released at +/-5 am on the NCEES website on the second day. That's why I was thinking it would be the same this time, but sadly no
  11. I thought for sure that CA would have results out super early like last time, but I guess my shaky hands logging in this morning was for nothing lol
  12. No, they only give a breakdown if you fail.
  13. The victim of the day....the F5 key.
  14. I know! I'm having a really hard time staying focused. Maybe I should just "go home sick" today haha!
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