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  1. Supe

    EB Cycling Club

    Even if you conked out, how could we tell the difference?
  2. Supe

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    BTW, you can legitimately buy this on Amazon. The product questions and reviews are top notch. Such gems include:
  3. Supe

    EB Cycling Club

    Sounds like you guys need to follow my coworkers advice - "nobody ever got hurt laying on their couch."
  4. Supe

    If you need a new headache...

    Tree = fiddy
  5. Supe

    The Automotive Thread

    Yes, Kimi Raikkonen's media interviews. He ended up being replaced by the French turd, but has signed for two years with Sauber, a much shittier team, but where he started his F1 career. I hope Ferrari drops another loaf next year and he scores a bunch of points.
  6. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    Didn't see a thread dedicated to our furry friends. (No, that that kind of furry.) Here's a pic of my greyhound (retired racer) Ursala that the GF snapped yesterday. Great dog, still having some separation anxiety issues that we're working on. And for those who don't realize how unbelievably ripped greyhounds are, check out that bicep:
  7. Supe

    The Automotive Thread

    Ferrari is expected to announce that Kimi Raikkonen will be replaced by a little French turd next year in Formula 1. Kimi is a former world champion, holds the record for fastest F1 lap in history (set last weekend), and has the largest fan base in all of F1, most notably for his calm demeanor and "nothing phases me" attitude, which resulted in him being nicknamed "The Iceman" many years ago. He's currently ranked third overall, with his poor finishes all coming from either car failure or being wrecked by other drivers during the opening lap. The French turd (a rich kid from Monaco) replacing him was a champion in the feeder series, but has a best finish of 6th (in a race where many other cars crashed out), has crashed out in 4 of his 14 races, has only finished better than 10th twice, but the former Ferrari chairman, now deceased, had a real chub for him, and in typical Italian fashion, they are expected to place emotion ahead of common sense. On the plus side, it will let me sleep in on Sunday mornings again, because I'll have zero reason to watch Formula 1, which if not for Kimi, is akin to watching a parade without floats.
  8. Supe

    It's Friday!!!!

    Today is my Friday for the next 11 days. Going cruising with the Kraks!
  9. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Swagelok SWAK is liquid gold!
  10. Netflix will also take a hit with losing a bunch of stuff due to Disney exclusivity, with Disney starting their own streaming service.
  11. That much has been obvious for a while. That's why they disbanded the old ratings system. First batch of viewers would thumbs down and then nobody would watch.
  12. -1 for all the damned Amazon Prime commercials.
  13. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    Honey, lets have a baby. Better yet, lets have quadruplets.
  14. Supe

    Random Topics 3.1

    I've been summoned 4 times by the state of CT. Every time, I have responded with either "I'm away at school, out of state", or "I haven't been a resident for damn near fifteen years, stop sending me f*cking jury summonses". The stupid part? The last two have been sent to my NC home address. Does it not strike them as a bit odd that they would be sending a summons for CT residents to a NC mailing address?