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  1. Supe

    Movie thread

    Baby Driver - about 7.5/10. They needed more chase scenes in a movie based on a getaway driver.
  2. Supe

    The Automotive Thread

    Assuming its not an electrical indexing issue, then the regulator assembly likely needs to be replaced. Those motors are typically worm drive and don't slip, whereas the cables on the regulator can stretch or break.
  3. Supe

    The Automotive Thread

    What won't stay up? Is it slowly sliding down, coming down crooked, or lowering itself back down the same amount each time?
  4. I had posted up on FB the other night, but worthy of mentioning here: Flank steak, marinated in honey, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil (about a TBSP), ginger, hot peppers, and balsamic vinegar (just a splash). About 5 minutes per side on a really hot grill (550-600F). It was probably the best flank steak I've ever had, and was cooked magazine-perfect. Junior couldn't stop eating it, and Mrs. Supe didn't even bother to stop and get a fork and knife.
  5. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    Didn't see a thread dedicated to our furry friends. (No, that that kind of furry.) Here's a pic of my greyhound (retired racer) Ursala that the GF snapped yesterday. Great dog, still having some separation anxiety issues that we're working on. And for those who don't realize how unbelievably ripped greyhounds are, check out that bicep:
  6. Going to see a nutritionist on Friday, so I'll probably be revisiting this thread sooner than later!
  7. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    My dogs both are terrified of fireworks, though one less so than the other. Ursala seems to be OK at just sleeping and blowing them off, but poor Annie will practically lay on you and bury her face, and trembles for hours on end. Thankfully they have less than zero interest in going outside - they'd much rather hide under the desk or in the closet.
  8. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    Feel terrible for the one that's just been put down too. Such a sweet dog. Once he trusted you, he would lay across your feet so you couldn't move and had to rub his belly. As his liver failed, he just flat refused to eat, and lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pounds. He wouldn't even eat people food, but would still wag when the family came home or was around. This morning he just refused to budge an inch, and it was time.
  9. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    A small pit mix. Just freaked out enough that it developed superhuman jumping abilities I guess.
  10. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    Feel so bad for my poor coworker's daughter. They've lost two dogs in two weeks. The first one ran away while they were away on vacation and never came back (spooked by neighbors fireworks on the 4th and jumped a 6 foot fence after leaving through the doggie door). The other is 14 and was in liver failure, and just refused to get up or move at all today. Mobile vet was coming at 3 to put him down at 14 years old. Poor kids (2 and 10) kept holding out hope that #1 would come back, and will be coming home from school/pre-K only to see crying parents/grandparents with #2 gone 😢
  11. Supe

    What does the Fox say?

    You're a day late, Ble! They had some killer deals on NAS and SSD's for Prime Day yesterday.
  12. Supe

    NFL 2018

    Well you can take the asshole out of Atlanta...