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  1. Honey dijon chicken, Diet Dr. Pepper
  2. Chicken teriyaki over wild rice, regular Coca Cola (was craving one today, don't know why).
  3. I think Garrett is a done deal, Jerry Jones just doesn't want to do it mid-season. Maybe they'll end up with Rivera, LOL.
  4. A man walks into the doctor's office complaining of rectal pain. Upon examination, the doctor tells him "sir, there's a piece of lettuce coming out of your rectum!" The man replies, "Doc, that's only the tip of the iceberg."
  5. Smoked sausage, black coffee.
  6. Tepper commented that he wanted to be upfront with Rivera about it - that several other teams were hunting for coaches behind the current coach's back, and that he didn't want to do that. It's probably best for both - Panthers get to search earlier, and Rivera gets to start interviewing ahead of the pack of other coaches who are going to be cut. I suspect he will pick up a HC or DC job pretty quickly. It wouldn't surprise me if Newton is still there next year, but spends most of his time on the bench to be brought in sporadically as some sort of option/wildcat offense. He COULD start next year, but they'd have to make some real moves to build an O-line worth a shit in the off season.
  7. He was going to be out regardless of whether Rivera stayed or not. They're just waiting to see who's available in the draft/free agency. I suspect they will pull Allen (at least for a couple games) and put Grier in to get a feel for whether they think either of them will be good enough, but with Allen tanking against terrible teams (albeit not his fault entirely), I'm not sure they think of him as the future like they did after his first four games.
  8. 3 oz steak, two fried eggs, A1 Tabasco steak sauce, black coffee.
  9. Sliced ham, side of ravioli, generic Diet Coke.
  10. And Ble is now in the Raleigh area, too. You guys should grab a beer!
  11. No. Just jack the nose/tail up a bit to get the last bit to drain, since that will have all the glittery shit in it! FWIW, I like Amsoil gear oil if you can get it.
  12. Marinate in soy sauce, worcestershire, hot sauce (something thicker/pasty, like sriracha), minced garlic, brown sugar, mustard powder, onion powder, paprika, ground chili, celery salt, and cayenne. You can sub everything after the brown sugar with an off-the-shelf barbecue rub. I also like a marinade of soy sauce, honey, garlic, hot peppers or hot sauce, lime juice, and grated fresh ginger. One other one I like is marinading in garlic, pepper, brown sugar, and your bourbon of choice.
  13. So he just spouts profanities at your mom and then slams the door to his room, before sneaking out to drink Boone's Farm with his friends?
  14. If you have to split the diff in lieu of drain plugs, wear throwaway clothes. Few things on this earth reek as badly/strongly as old gear oil!
  15. I have a bazillion question marks everywhere - now that I've played through, I try to ride through the areas instead of fast travels. Skellige for sure has a lot left for me, Touissant a few, and a bunch on the outskirts of Velen. I was not a fan of Origins. It got very good reviews, but I just don't see it. It was super repetitive (take down a fortress full of people that are all set up/look the same), and was otherwise a very vast but boring open world. Main character was a dud, too. Witcher is going to spoil a LOT of games for you (I'd KILL for them to make a Ciri-based Witcher game). Odyssey was better than Origins, but still not great. At least with Odyssey, I have a chance to play through it again with a second character - you pick the brother or sister when you start the game, so it'll be interesting to see if they just swap characters in the story line, or if you follow a separate one and just join at the end. I'm pretty convince the AC games are going to suck until they do a real feudal Japan one, not some sidescroller bullshit like they put out a few years ago. The whole series really jumped the shark after Black Flag. I've definitely gone one more Witcher playthrough in me after I watch the series, this time going the Yennefer route.
  16. Nah, they'll just leave it extended, then it can rip off the ceiling/wall when you run over the fully-extended hose reel.
  17. I normally add jarred minced garlic, but they didn't have any at the MIL's house, and I forgot about it at the grocery store.
  18. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    She was always pretty light in the face, but is snow white now at 9 1/2! Getting harder and harder for guests to tell her and her sister apart - sister had a black snout, then grey, now nearly white!
  19. I need to get around to ordering a couple replacements for the race car.
  20. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    The end result of Mrs. Supe leaving the bag of raw potatoes within reach. Hope she didn't eat many.
  21. The ones my sister found were in Italy - I guess if I had to see family, there's worse places to do it than Sicily!
  22. Also ordered a pair of 39" Insignia Smart TV's off Amazon for $159/ea. I stole Junior's TV for the garage (which did nothing because it wasn't a Smart TV and she didn't have a DTV Genie), and we don't have a TV in the guest bedroom. This way she can stream Netflix in her room since its all she watches anyways, and guests can watch Netflix/Hulu/Pluto.
  23. We're doing it just for fun. In my case, we don't know much about history/relatives on my father's side - my sister did one and found some relatives we didn't know we had. Our neighbor found a half brother she didn't know she had, and after contacting him, the brother realized his mother lied to him about who his father was, LOL.
  24. Stuffed pepper (ground beef & rice), side of mac and cheese, Diet Dr. Pepper.
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