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  1. Decided to spice things up today and wore a white polo with stripes to work instead of my usual black or navy. Naturally, I catch a glimpse of my shirt in the mirror and realize that the entire back left shoulder has been stained pink somehow. Back to black it is.
  2. OK, so apparently this season is only 6 episodes long. The last 3 were definitely more classic Letterkenny, and are worth watching. But the fact that they stopped episode 6 where they did on such a short season will leave you royally pissed. Feel free to fast forward through just about any part of the first three episodes, they add absolutely nothing to the second half of the season.
  3. Assuming the contractors actually assembled it as they should have!
  4. Roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce, tater salad, Cherry Coke Zero.
  5. It just seemed over the top forced, even though the premise had promise (they started a cable access agricultural based Q&A show). I'll give it another chance, but the scenes with the skids and the "gym gays" were just outright annoying and unfunny (and there were a lot of them), and Wayne and Glen seemed like the only two characters that were on par with previous seasons. Even Dan and Daryl's lines weren't funny (though Dan did have one funny scene.)
  6. I watched episodes 1-3 last night of the new season, and they were just flat terrible. I think I laughed once the entire time. Super disappointed, wondering if they changed writers once Hulu bought out the show.
  7. Supe

    EB Mafia

    And that's why its a pro tip.
  8. Supe

    EB Mafia

    Pro tip: Guns can also kill wasps.
  9. About the only Letterkenny shtick I can't stomach are the hockey locker room scenes. Beyond that, the show has me laughing my ass off 95% of the time.
  10. It's a way better thread, anyways.
  11. I need to take some time to watch the new season of Letterkenny.
  12. Just submerge and simmer on low for 4 hours?
  13. Supe

    EB Mafia

    We've had one for several months now. Only issues are one back door sensor that is occasionally uncooperative, and the motion sensors are too sensitive for big dogs even turned down all the way. Consequently, the only time we ever set the system to anything other than "home and armed" is when we go on vacation and when the dogs are at the sitters. If we ever switch to the 24/7 monitoring, we'll have to just deactivate the motion sensors entirely. I still want to add two hardwired floodlight cameras.
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