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  1. Tuna wrap, side of pulled pork, Cherry Coke Zero.
  2. Supe

    Got Ink?

    The last time I got them, I was living in Houston, which has HORRIBLE standards and lets them get away with everything. Loads of scratch shops with their "$25 special" tattoos that have repeat histories of hepatitis, etc. The girl I used is so anal, she uses rubber gloves from one box to pull her actual rubber gloves out of the other. Most operating rooms aren't as clean/anal as she was!
  3. Supe

    Got Ink?

    Meh, I'll gladly pay on the high side for a great artist with OCD hygienic practices.
  4. I really like it, just have to be careful if counting calories since the brown sugar adds up quick. I prefer it with actual beef chunks/strips, but the ground beef is still good.
  5. Scrambled eggs, black coffee.
  6. Supe

    Got Ink?

    Just figure $100/hr plus tip, and don't worry about how long it takes. Agreed, what you're asking I wouldn't expect to be over $500.
  7. Just don't break up the ground beef too much, it's better when it's got clumps to it.
  9. Small bratwurst with spicy mustard and sauerkraut, no bun, cup of beef and vegetable soup, Cherry Coke Zero.
  10. Must be boxfish instead of goldfish.
  11. 2 pieces of whole grain toast with almond butter at 4:50, 3 scrambled eggs with hot sauce at 7:30, black coffee.
  12. I heard the 49ers starters actually watched the second half of their game from the bar at TGI Fridays down the street.
  13. Chicken salad wrap, cup of beef soup, Cherry Coke Zero. The beef soup from the cafeteria was surprisingly one of the best things they've ever had there, I'm actually disappointed I only got a small instead of a large.
  14. T-10 minutes until I get to eat my eggs and some leftover chipotle beef. With black coffee and a piece of toast.
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