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  1. There is no accurate frame of reference for this, but I have seen numbers like 400X tossed around (based on volume of material put into the atmosphere, but then you've got to factor in what those materials/half lives were, etc.), so I'm sure you could find at least a handful of professional arguments that would say its not outlandish considering the reactor fires lasted 10 days. Unsurprisingly, reports from Russia err on the low side, and those from Japan quite the contrary...
  2. They're becoming the new standard, especially on 4 bangers. Even my 08 Saturn had one, and I know the Ecotec engines have them.
  3. I really liked Season 2 of Mindhunter, until the last episode. I know its based on a true story, but a season's worth of build-up for nothing, ugh.
  4. It's purely based on reducing manufacturing costs and reducing waste (steel filters are hard to recycle). There is zero benefit to the consumer beyond being able to inspect the filter without cutting it open or having to drain the oil.
  5. I cancelled my meeting with the solar people. My HOA makes getting a rooftop system ridiculous - site surveys, limits on placement, and written contracts from all adjoining neighbors that includes all these specifics on solar easements for the life of the equipment that shouldn't even be applicable to a rooftop system in the first place. Since two of my 4 neighbors are gaping assholes to begin with, it's not worth it to me for a leased system.
  6. Unlikely. They pretty much only took a step back at two positions. I hope they get the revised trademark through, because it would be funny as shit if somehow Miami couldn't plaster "The U" all over fake gold chain t-shirts. If I recall, the Patriots tried to trademark the numbers 19 and 0 in recent history before they lost the Superbowl...
  7. Damn straight. That, and it's been so humid here this summer, the mosquitoes obliterate you after about 5 seconds outside. I don't know what it is about this year, but the humidity has been bad. And that's coming from someone who spent July and August working at the sea port in Houston a while back. Even with dual zone AC in the house, it's not even putting a dent in the moisture in the air. I even had to go around and shave all the doors down.
  8. Just buy a MIG welder from Harbor Freight. They're good enough/cheap enough to keep around for small jobs, even if you have to Stevie Wonder some things together.
  9. I'd do it, but it'd cost you $300 to ship it, LOL.
  10. Thunderstorm woke the dogs up around 2:00 AM this morning, which in turn woke me up. I was so tired/out of it this morning, I spent an honest two minutes or so trying to turn off the ceiling fan with the TV remote. Mind you, the fan is not remote controlled in any ways - it turns on/off only by wall switch.
  11. Frittata, smoked sausage, black coffee.
  12. I'd honestly be surprised if you could find a place willing to fix it that cheap. Probably want to start looking for someone who does the work on the side, maybe hit up the local night school instructor and see if the weld shop class wants to take a crack at it?
  13. FWIW, you can buy a pretty damned heavy duty cargo carrier for about $150, so I wouldn't get too emotionally attached.
  14. Looks like 1/8", 3/16" max. You probably could bend it back, but wouldn't get it perfect because you won't get the expanded metal flat again, and will probably crack the welds on it. If you get it repaired, someone is going to just cut out the bent section, mig in some flat plate and replacement angle, and whack out that section of expanded metal before tacking a new one back in.
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