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  1. Good sausage mixture, wouldn't have pictured it on short ribs.
  2. What kind of spice we talking here?
  3. Supe

    EB Mafia

    I'm out. Site visits, and then I've got three weeks vacation to burn!
  4. Wish I had been so lucky. My wife wanted the tree up BEFORE we left for Thanksgiving. I at least pushed it off until we got back that Sunday.
  5. Mini meatball sub, potato salad, Coca Cola.
  6. It doesn't, it just keeps a few dribbles from becoming a lot of dribbles, since they can loosen up after a couple heat cycles. My 8.8 is bad about that - aluminum diff with steel plug.
  7. PITA and will require pulling the diff to replace the inner seal (which is also shot if your outer is leaking). I would just pony up the couple hundred and take it somewhere.
  8. I figured it was RG himself. Just had them build it around the mounds of snow the plows pushed to the side to keep on schedule.
  9. You read my mind. You would think their marketing department would also pick a name that doesn't rhyme with "gruel."
  10. 4 medium-boiled eggs, black coffee.
  11. If you see some gear oil dribbles in the driveway after a little bit, just retorque the drain plug.
  12. Honey dijon chicken, Diet Dr. Pepper
  13. Chicken teriyaki over wild rice, regular Coca Cola (was craving one today, don't know why).
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