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  1. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    And not a gelatinous blob.
  2. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    Turkey is inherently not bacon, therefore, it doesn't exist.
  3. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    That is truly bizarre.
  4. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    WTF is Cherry Coke salad? Sounds like a stripper's finisher.
  5. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    That's the one everyone has used, but I always find it too runny (without me adding bacon). I cook the bacon very crisp before hand, and then do a quick chop in the food processor before mixing it in.
  6. If anyone hasn't watched Nightcrawler yet, they should do so soon. Netflix is pulling it in December.
  7. Movie thread

    Agreed. It just didn't seem as fluid/well executed as the first one.
  8. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    This one looks pretty good. Probably give it a try: https://www.daringgourmet.com/ultimate-green-bean-casserole/
  9. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    Any really good green bean casserole recipes? Every one I've ever had always seemed to runny. I like to put bacon in mine.
  10. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    Any Thanksgiving recipes that are a must-have? I'm stuck doing the cooking this year. Going to do a brined spatchcock chicken (we're not big on turkey) but am at a loss for the rest. Not a big yam/sweet potato fan, but just about anything else is fair game.
  11. Waterpik

    Think I'm going to need to get one of these. There are spots I just can't get to, even with a toothbrush, because of my wisdom teeth/molars and the way my jaw is shaped. Occasionally (like right now), I get inflammation/pain at the gumline for a few days and it sucks.
  12. Movie thread

    John Wick: Chapter 2 was nowhere near as good as the first one.
  13. Doing something with cats.
  14. The Automotive Thread

    Heading to Savannah tomorrow with the Porsche for the last race of the year. If I'm able to win my class both days, I'll lock in championship #3, and then its a mad dash to finish the RX7 for spring. Got my truck tire replaced at Discount last night. The one just over the line in SC is awesome. I didn't even spring for the "warranty" and they still prorated the bad tire and balanced the other one. A new E load rating tire out the door in <30 minutes for $59 ain't bad.
  15. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Inclined to agree.