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  1. Good way to trap your enemies if you plan on burning them...
  2. Supe

    Movie thread

    Saw bits and pieces of Venom before giving up and changing the channel. What a steaming pile of shit of a movie.
  3. Without some major political intervention, I fear that is definitely the case domestically.
  4. As my grandmother got up in her years, she put a whole raw egg in the microwave. It blew the door clean off when it let go and cracked the interior plastics. Miss you, Nana.
  5. I want that parm pretzel so hard right now.
  6. No Easter candy in our house this year. Mrs. Supe didn't bother, and Junior's grandparents sent cash or gift cards instead. I'm drooling just thinking about the caramel eggs and Reese's eggs, though.
  7. Meal prepped a chow-mein type stir fry for the week - a cup of mixed veggies, a cup of noodles, and 6 oz. of chicken breast in a soy/oyster sauce/chicken broth based dressing.
  8. I watched several episodes of Black Summer as well yesterday afternoon. I do like that it's not just a "hoard of zombies, run for your life" type show, and that the zombies are very tough to kill. I do wish it would jump around just a smidge less, though.
  9. It was better than the first, but I'm getting agitated by these sub-one-hour episodes. I did like seeing Sansa call BS on Dany ruling the north, though.
  10. I feel like one in this office, but inmates get better food and more fresh air.
  11. Supe

    Would You Rather?

    Social media. It's become so flooded with ads/marketing that its borderline intolerable as it is, and that's before all the security leaks. Would you rather lose use of your dominant arm for 3 months, or your non dominant arm for a year?
  12. Still looks better than what I have. They basically dump the wet noodles into the tray, and there's so much residual moisture, you get these watery, soaking wet noodles that the sauce won't even stick to.
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