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  1. Cafeteria meatloaf, mac and cheese, diet Sun Drop.
  3. I suspect the EoR is going to see jail time, and possibly other members of the firm he covered for. If you read some of the other articles, his phone that was subpoena'd that allegedly had photos and related text messages was damaged after "his wife washed the phone accidentally." Their legal council has been doctoring meeting minutes to make statements sound wishy-washy, etc. It does not paint the firm or EoR in a good light.
  4. Bowl of generic cereal, zero carb Monster.
  5. My GE is hot garbage. Control board basically just does whatever it feels like half the time.
  6. Around the same time they all turned into absolute pieces of shit.
  7. If I can find a fence post insert that would let me rejoin the halves, 100%.
  8. I'm on vacation the week after next, when Mrs. Supe and Junior head to their annual 2 week trip to Vermont. Finally going to get around to doing a decorative gravel surround for the fire pit. It will likely take me about 2 yard of rock to do it. I am praying that my gate post isn't anchored so that I can pull the aluminum fence out and drive the truck back there, but I have a feeling I'm screwed. Not looking forward to shoveling and moving nearly 3 tons of stone via wheelbarrow.
  9. Breakfast taco with egg, cheese, and jalapenos, a few circles of smoked sausage, and a coffee.
  10. Did you sing happy birthday while escorting them out the front door?
  11. A liberal empathizes with the plight of the homeless people and brings them a TV. The protesting ends, and they all watch HGTV together. Inspired a network commercial, they beg for a day and have enough pennies to make their HGTV dream a reality. After stealing a can of epoxy resin from a hardware store, the homeless people bond thousands of pennies to the sidewalk and show off their new "copper floor" to passer-bys. There is now a "damn you, autocorrect" meme, a liberal, a TV, several crafty homeless people, and a mostly empty can of epoxy resin in the pile.
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