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  1. Supe

    The Pet Thread

    My two girls turned 10 YEARS OLD today! Such amazing doggos.
  2. I can afford to miss a breakfast or fifty.
  3. Definitely must have missed the reversible rug pads last time I ordered from Rock Auto.
  4. Just finished Season 3 of Breaking Bad - the writers do a good job of stretching it out.
  5. Holidays usual means the wife dragging me to visit her family, which I think may be worse than visiting my own!
  6. Despite my horrendous allergies and asthma as a kid, my mother insisted not only on having a real Christmas tree every year (and one that always rivaled Rockerfeller Plaza in terms of size), but she would make my father apply a slurry of ivory soap flakes and water on it to simulate snow. So the kid, with a terrible pine allergy, got to smell a SOAPY PINE TREE from Thanksgiving weekend through the first week of January. And everyone wonders why I hate the holidays so much?
  7. No breakfast today. We are out of everything.
  8. It's the corona times. Just say the hoodie is part of your PPE, and if anyone says shit, tell them they're making you feel unsafe!
  9. I think I need to talk to my HVAC guys about that next time they're out here. We have similar issues that forces us to have to turn the AC on in like, late February.
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