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  1. Last night was my third MTB ride night in a row, the first two being solo. Unfortunately I missed the dang trail exit, and ending up riding the trail twice (a little over 3 mile loop). My quads and back are FRIED. I really need to get back to weight lifting, but the weather is not cooperating at all lately.
  2. The Marlin feels REALLY good with the new fork and shorter stem. I still need to get my seat position just right, but whatever lack of handling was introduced from the longer fork has been offset by the shorter stem. I added 20cc of oil to the air chamber to act as a volume spacer, and that really seemed to help stop whatever mid-travel wallow was there where it felt like the fork didn't ramp in fast enough. I was really zipping along the downhills last night and felt really confident going over some roots, rocks, and flat turns without having to scrub nearly as much speed as usual. Just ordered a Fox tailgate pad (which surprisingly was one of the cheapest) for the truck to try and "encourage" Mrs. Supe to go get the damned hitch put on her CRV so I can move the rack to the Honda. This way I can use the truck for solo rides or trips with just Junior on days Mrs. Supe is working.
  3. I have a chip in my tooth that's driving me insane because I keep catching my tongue on it (they missed a spot when I had it bonded a while back), but I refuse to go in and have it corrected because of COVID.
  4. Local FB page - old guy gets his Trump yard signs stolen. Nice lady feels bad regardless of political affiliation, makes a post asking where to buy him replacements. First comment back is "I have some better Biden signs he can replace them with, her dee der". I asked if the Biden signs were of the scratch and sniff variety. Apparently he found that offensive.
  5. Allegedly from welding on a warehouse door.
  6. Most people can swim anyways, geez.
  7. Tainted moonshine/still explosions in the immediate vicinity.
  8. Saw a second ground-zero type vid on Facebook that's probably gone by now. Entire area was completely leveled, bodies strewn all over the place. It was so incredibly sad. I have a friend who lives in Cyprus which is 145 miles away over water, and he said the blast shook them hard enough that their initial reaction was that there was a huge truck accident just down the street.
  9. The destruction from the explosion was just incredible. Very, very sad. Reports were saying that the closest hospital was badly damaged and they were having to turn people away in droves
  10. If its a trade-in and the PO didn't pay off the loan, then they usually have to get the title from the bank/credit bureau that was financing it. But, if it's shady that they had it on the lot without having the title signed over free and clear.
  11. I think a lot of the virtual classrooms being done by the states are still following a pretty rigid schedule, so I don't think that will factor in very much.
  12. Buckeye ice cream trumps all of these - Peanut butter chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough, and chocolate chunks. Frequently featuring veins of chocolate fudge, too.
  13. Supe

    Movie thread

    Parasite - On Netflix, loved it. Subtitled, but excellent. Dirt poor but street smart family finds a way to usurp existing staff that work for a wealthy family. Turns out there's more to the story with the housekeeper that was let go, and it gets really, really weird from there. Loads of funny and edge of your seat moments through the movie.
  14. They're definitely not epic like some of the PNW/Canada stuff or a downhill park, but the local trail builders do a really good job with what they have to work with, which is essentially nothing but donated time and shovels.
  15. I almost always wear Rogue or other gym shirts when riding, because they already have holes in them from atlas stones or log cleans. We did a short ride on Friday, then went to the trail above on Saturday. The main loop is about 3.5 miles or so, but the BD adds about 2.5 miles of very steep, techy climbs to that. Mrs. Supe and Junior were not prepared for that sort of distance, especially Mrs. Supe, who was demanding that we bail because she felt like she was going to puke. So we only ended up doing a few laps around the pump track, 1/2 mile or so on the intermediate trail, and then bailed just before the end of the black diamond trail. Had to cut up a walking path, through a subdivision, and down the road to re-enter the park from the street and head back to the truck. I went by myself on a short ride last night, because it's the only thing that seems to help my asthma/chest open up. With the two of them, it's about a 45 minute ride of about 2.5 miles that alternates between mostly flow downhill and then long not-too-steep climbs. If I'm booking it by myself, I can do it in about 30. I was clearly NOT recovered for that ride, because it absolutely kicked my ass. I went planning on doing two laps and was absolutely fried after just one, with more stops than usual. I've got to find a way of getting Junior used to using her gears (she leaves it too low and her pedaling gets her nowhere), and to learn to trust speed. She doesn't get that its easier to buzz/drop over stuff at speed sometimes, than to mosey along and sink into every rut and nose dive off shallow drops.
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