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  1. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Finally done with all the bathroom paint work. I must have THE worst luck with paint, because it took 3-4 coats of Sherwin Williams "Infinity" line to get decent coverage. The ONLY big box store brands I've had any luck with in painting were the two cheapest - Glidden and Behr! Thankfully the shiplap stuck out further than I thought it would, so the vanity didn't hit the baseboard/quarter round combo and leave a gap between the sink and the wall like I thought it was going to. Got the drain situation sorted, just need to check to make sure it doesn't hit the two top drawers which are shortened and have a cutout for the drain. An S trap would have been perfect, but those aren't allowed anymore, so I had to make a C shaped jog out to the right instead. Finishing that off tonight, hanging the mirror and TP/towel holders, and calling it done.
  2. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    That includes demo, relocating the drain, moving the control valves, and installing the tile. Everything but the shower head and tile itself.
  3. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I think I can just put a 90 straight off the sink drain, and then another 90 downhill into the P trap and be fine. Cleaning it will be a bitch, since its covered with old paint/drywall mud. Got the first quote for the walk in shower - $5K labor without tile or fixture, but includes all other materials including shower door. Is that absurdly high? Granted, it's a big space, probably about 4'x6'x8'. Includes the concrete floor pan, bench, and combo niche.
  4. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    About 3/4 done with redoing our downstairs half bath. Wife bought fixtures before we redid the tile, but I was tired of having vanities, lights, etc. stacked in my entryway, so I just decided to do it and we'll pull the vanity when the tile gets redone. Went from baby turd green to all white with shiplap behind the sink. Only PITA part will be redoing the drain for the sink, since the stub out on the wall is super low. The old pedestal sink went straight down and the P trap includes a downward facing 90 right on the stub, but the new sink is further forward and can't go that low since there's a drawer below the sink.
  5. Ask your wife when you get home from work. She'll tell you.
  6. Glad I didn't watch it then. Doesn't sound like a good show to have on in the background while I'm working!
  7. Supe

    The Automotive Thread

    If you had a blown head gasket, yes. It would also be strange to have a leak coming through the exhaust pipe. However, exhaust pipes are great collectors of fluids leaking from other areas.
  8. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Wow, county replied in < 24 hours! Turns out my assumption was correct - the values account for 1 deck + 1 roof, no need to double it. Anyone have any luck getting rid of yard moles? Little bastard migrated over from my dickhead neighbor's yard, and is popping up all over my front yard now.
  9. Supe

    The Automotive Thread

    I've never seen a galvanized exhaust. Aluminized exhausts are common, though. Which end of the car is it leaking from? Neon yellow is typically a coolant leak.
  10. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Trying to figure if I need to add/increase deck footers if I add a screened in porch. See note A from the county regs: I'm probably overthinking this, but how would you all interpret note A? Would you interpret this note to mean that the table value accounts for a single floor + single roof value as calculated from a plan view, or that single floor + roof = additive? i.e., if my tributary area for JUST the deck was 36 feet, would I double it to 72 if adding a roof?