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  1. Supe

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  2. Supe

    Random Topics 3.1

    Petite millennial with dog enjoys taking crooked photos of her Jeep and cliche beach photos down the length of her body.
  3. In that case, I suspect most of the commentary came from those who hadn't really watched, but were just thrilled about Spacey being gone...
  4. I've been debating whether to watch. I had been a die hard fan up until this point, but I have not seen so much as a single positive review, aside from some feminist rants about how great it is to see female figures of authority that had nothing to do with the actual season.
  5. Supe

    Random Topics 3.1

    I mean, look at what he's driving...
  6. Supe

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Humidity and freezing temps can damage those controllers.
  7. Supe

    Best Thanksgiving Recipes?

    Some people use like 2 TBPS of kosher salt and don't rinse it off. I'm pretty sensitive to overly salty foods, so I either wipe it down with a damp cloth or do a quick rinse, and then immediately pat dry without issue. The skin still seems leathery before it's cooked. I like to lightly rub the skin with olive oil also which helps things brown even better.
  8. Supe

    Best Thanksgiving Recipes?

    I have completely abandoned the wet brine in favor of a 24 hour dry brine. Every bird (chicken or otherwise) I've done with a dry brine has been absolutely perfect. I spatchcock the bird, salt the shit out of the exterior, and sprinkle with baking powder. I leave uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours, then remove the salt and baking powder. Pat the bird dry, stuff butter (softened, seasoned) under the breasts and thighs, then bake. It cooks faster, is the juiciest bird I've ever had (and I normally HATE white meat), and the skin comes out perfectly crispy (in part due to the baking powder).
  9. Supe

    Random Topics 3.1

    It passes as one, because the chair legs rock and the table makes a "ticking" noise anytime somebody bumps it. Little noises like that (car rattles, refrigerator noise, etc.) drive me absolutely batshit crazy, so I can tolerate it. New table will have no glass or metal legs...
  10. Supe

    Random Topics 3.1

    Today is Mrs. Supe's and my anniversary. Thankfully we have opted to forgo the stupid gifts and agreed to just go out and buy a new kitchen table, which we were in need of.
  11. Supe

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Absolutely crawling here today. Doing year end performance review stuff to blow off real work.
  12. Supe

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Damn gubment employees get off Veterans Day (observed).
  13. Supe

    NFL 2018

    I lost my fantasy week miserably. I feel like there is a secret society that controls the outcome of these games just so the bookies make a killing.