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  1. Spring Critical Frequency: Shigley vs. MERM

    I stand corrected, haha.
  2. Spring Critical Frequency: Shigley vs. MERM

    I found this same discrepancy when I was studying back in early 2016. Which edition of Shigley are you utilizing? I used the 5th edition. Cutting to the chase, you need the 'pi' factor. It's an error in Shigley's. Not sure if they corrected it in later editions.
  3. Do I need more practice problems?

    Just to give you some magnitude on the time it would take to run thru the first pass of problems in these books: MDM 6MS: First pass took 35 hours (2nd pass was 21.5 hours, 3rd was 8.5 hours). Note: this was the first thing I did for exam prep. 2011 NCEES (general AM & MDM PM): First pass was 23 hours (2nd was 8 hours) MERM PP: First pass was 51 hours for just the MDM specific sections (Statics, Materials, Machine Design, & Vibration) but that was with a good base from the 6MS book. Note: I never did a full 2nd pass of these problems, only a review the week prior to the exam. In addition to this, I spent 62 hours on the MERM sections for thermo/hvac which aren't required anymore. I also spent 15 hours on the Oughtred practice exam, 6 hours with Schaum's outline, and 4 hours reviewing the sections of Shigley's and taking notes. Plus 21 hours of general cramming the week of the exam (taking notes, binders, reviewing previously preformed work). If I had the 62 hours of thermo/hvac back, I would have focused on three passes of the MERM specific MDM problems and a better review of Shigley's including performing at least the example problems in the book. This was for the April 16 MDM exam from a person with over 12 years removed from any type of schooling, no refresher course, and NOT performing engineering calculations of any sort during my routine work day.
  4. Do I need more practice problems?

    The test may be different now that it is totally in depth but there were AM problems that were conversion problems that the Lindberg Unit Conversions book covered. Which meant that the problem was nothing more than a multiplication factor from a table lookup in this book! Could the problem be solved with basic conversion tables from other sources? Sure it could, but it would require multiple steps. I have yet to see a unit conversion book be as all inclusive as the Lindberg book. You'll probably be ok with mastering the MERM companion problems in lieu of the 6MS, but skipping the unit conversions book due to cost will basically result in an hour extra work during the exam. I might have missed it above, but do you have a Shigley's textbook?
  5. Do I need more practice problems?

    There were problems on my exam (April 1'6) that were almost identical (at least in process) to the ones in the MDM 6MS. My advice is to follow Ramnares' instructions. Meaning you'll need the MERM companion problems, NCEES practice exam(s), and the 6MS. Don't forget the Unit Conversions book! I understand the budget issue. It is painful. I was able to rent some of these via amazon. Saved a lot of money but with the risk that if I didn't pass, I'd have to rent them again.
  6. Thank you

  7. Garbage Fire

    Very sorry to hear. But straight up guess for 10 questions isn't too bad. How did you feel on the others? I'm really curious to hear how different the exam was for the re-takers due to the new format.
  8. Good Luck on your Exams Tomorrow

    Best of luck to you all tomorrow
  9. Fasteners Handbook ?

    I knew it was to good to be true. Just got an email from the local rep of EMJ wanting to meet in person and bring a copy of the book...
  10. Oughtred Co TFS practice exam

    It is absolutely riddled with errors! It's probably too late now but buy the solutions if you plan on doing these problems. Without them, you won't even find the errors. I only did the AM section when I prepped for the exam last year. Like you, I did them just a few days prior to the exam. I did feel working thru the problems was very beneficial to me despite the frustrations between the questions and solutions. I thought the breadth TFS problems for oughtright, specifically the fluids ones, were more realistic to the problems I saw on the exam than the other material I used for prep (but I was a MDM depth).
  11. Fasteners Handbook ?

    So did I. Thank you very much!
  12. Reference list for Mechanical exam?

    The intro section in the MERM has a suggested reference list. Also, take a look at this thread:
  13. History of PE

    I thought the FE was much easier but there was a 16 year gap between taking the two exams...not to mention that I took the FE less than one year after finishing my BS degree. I do remember that the PE was 100% essay in 2000 though. Also, they let you take the FE and PE at the same time back then if you met the other requirements (at least in PA). A talked with a few people on the day of the exam who took the PE on Friday and were taking the FE with me on Saturday.
  14. History of PE

    No. Like a traditional test in college...a problem with a blank page below it for you to solve. Surprisingly I had my results for that exam quicker than I did for the PE taken last year!
  15. History of PE

    The afternoon portion of my EIT/FE exam was essay in April 2000.