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  1. Passing your respective engineering exam is a crowning achievement in one's career. Following passing the exam, one is issued a license number, a certificate, and a state specific engineering seal with their name and respective license number. Stamping Grounds provides slate coasters to licensed individuals in architecture, engineering, and land surveying. The process is easy! Simply email and attach an AutoCAD or Revit file with your stamp and the address where you want them sent and I will do the rest! All files containing license seals will be permanently deleted after coaster is created. I attached a couple examples of my very own coasters I use at my office. Please see below for prices (shipping included). If you require additional coasters, let me know and I will shoot you a price. 1 coaster = $15.00 2 coasters = $25.00 3 coasters = 30.00 4 coasters = $35.00 Illinois SE Example North Carolina PE Example
  2. I can't imagine how I would do if it was the other way around it geared more towards bridges. I used to work in southern Illinois and am fortunate to do so because it is in a high seismic region and got a lot of exposure to code provisions, design procedures, etc for seismic design category D (but not higher). Hoping I can get this knocked out this fall. I am not sure how other test takers study but since I took/passed the PE this past fall I am still in study mode so I wanted to ride the momentum into this year's October SE exam. Thank you all for your input on this. It is much appreciated and if you have any more, I would love to hear them.
  3. Thanks bassplayer45, I will look into School of PE as well. Regardless, I really do believe review courses help immensely because for me personally it gives a structured outline of review topics with numerous example problems. I have tried to ask around my office but with little help. The only SE that works in my office took the Structural I/II before the format was changed. I haven't really talked to too many bridge engineers that took the SE but what was your take on the morning portion of the exam being a bridge engineer because doesn't the AM portion focus more on buildings (75% buildings to 25% bridges)? I also see you work in Indy. Nice snowfall we got last night haha (I work in Carmel).
  4. TehMightyEngineer, Thank you very much for your insight. I really did feel like PPI was the best way to go when I was preparing the PE exam last year. I took the structural afternoon session and although I feel my structural fundamentals, principles and skills are strong, I chose PPI's review course more so for the morning session since I had never taken a water resources class or a transportation geometric design. PPI's course does give structure to a rigid schedule and I felt that was very beneficial. Yes, the price is a little up there, but as you say and I couldn't agree more, it is worth it and it is free to take again provided that the homework, exam and attendance requirements are met. Look forward to taking PPI's SE exam review course in preparation for the October SE Exam. Will you be teaching the course again during that time?
  5. I'll look into that one, thank you Agostage.
  6. I am taking the SE exam in October of this year in Illinois. I wanted to get some feedback on some SE exam review courses. I took PPI's PE exam review course last year and glad I did because it was definitely worth while and plan on taking their SE exam review course. Has anyone taken the PPI SE exam review course? If so, what were your thoughts in preparation for the exam? Mention of any other review courses would be appreciated as well. Happy studying...
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