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  1. My old company used to sent recent grads to these classes. It was really helpful for them as he was one of the professors and it basically teaches them the fundamental of the topics relates to the field. This certificate by no means gives any kind of upper hand or more money, just brings you to level of understanding where you can have a decent conversation.
  2. Thanks guys. I appreciate the answers. I definitely don't want to go through the torture again, had to take it twice before passing, not going to do that to myself again. While we are on the subject of licenses. I overheard some of my colleague talk about taking different PE exam in order to stamp different discipline (HVAC and Plum). I was confused by this as the PE seal lets you sign and seal drawings of most discipline (MEP) without cross exams. Am I correct on this thinking? I didn't state this before but I am not stamping anything, at this point of my career, its just a title and my company to charge more money from clients.
  3. Hi all, Haven't posted here for a while (disappeared after passing the PE). I have question to those that have multi state license. - Are you maintaining your original state (state you took your exam) license? - What are the repercussion on letting the original one expire? - Does reciprocity still work if you let go (expire) your original exam state's license? I ask the question because my home state is PA, where I am my EIT is registered, I work in NY and due to lead time requirement of NYS, I ended up taking the test in CT (been maintaining this license the last 3 years). I was thinking of either turning my PA EIT to PE via reciprocity or get NYS license via reciprocity. SO, do I need to keep my CT license active during the time to achieve it? Can I let the CT one expire (I don't do any work in CT) and get PA or NY? (I will miss the no CEU requirements of CT)
  4. Kam


    CT board is just notoriously slow. Just a reminder, you will get two PE certificate from CT, one is your actual license, they will give you a wallet card and one to hang in the wall (it looks shitty) and later, they will send you another one that is congratulating you for passing the PE (that one looks much better). CT renewal is every year in January and you do not need continuing education credits for the license but it is one of the more expensive ones to keep active.
  5. Kam


    Keep your head up buddy. i missed my company bonus as well. I passed the October test and license wasnt issued til second week of march. If I recall correctly, CT was the last one to issue license (or make it active as you already have a license number associated with your application)
  6. Kam


    Congrats! now wait forever for them to process rest of your application. And yes, it does take almost the full 8-10 week!
  7. Kam


    I will back that my backup career!
  8. Kam


    This is a sign, you will pass 100%!
  9. Kam


    I like the color green cause the results in green is good! doesnt make me feel blue
  10. Kam


    Dont sweat it mate. I didnt even fill out my survey. It goes to the Illuminatis
  11. Heard you guys like spam
  12. this was at the science march right?
  13. Kam


    really? damn! must be new proctor. My proctor told me to keep it for the horrible memories. quite a jokster. He's been a proctor for a while.
  14. Close NCEES source said that they are trying to unify the passing score by setting the cut score at a solid 58 for all disciplines!
  15. Agreed on may 25th, that lines up with last year.
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